Split a Sanyo 10s2p

Hi builders!

I’ve bought a while ago a Sanyo 10s2p from Meepo, and I’m planning to open it and make it a single layer (around 300mm long instead of 150mm) then put on top the vesc so I can have a low profile enclosure. What you think? Is this possible without a spot welder? Does anyone have a good shrink wrap link on amazon? Thanks!!!

if nikel strip is there, u can solder wires

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Vruzend V2 kit

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Depends how the pack is made. This is my Sanyo 27000 pack.

So I would suggest that you cut the shrinking tube to have a better look inside

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@DAddYE I would be interested to see some pictures afterwards if you bother to share them.

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@DAddYE have you ever gotten the chance to split the pack? I’m thinking about doing it for my Sanyo pack as well.

Nope, I didn’t get a chance :frowning: