Split ppm one motor faster

I’m currently running split ppm with two diyelectric motors, but one starts before the other and seems to be running faster. Is there anyway to fix this? All the VESC motor settings are the same.

How can you tell one is faster? Would be pretty hard to eyeball it, I would think. Are you running sensored?

I imagine this is during a bench test? Or do you actually feel like you’re getting more pull from one motor when accelerating while riding?

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it is noticeable eyeballing it

I’m running unsensored

So for the input wizard in the VESC, the two motors differed by quite a bit in terms of center, min and max for the remote. Do you think that could be the case?

Under no load (bench test) you will notice a difference in rpm with almost every build. Even if you connect can and activate traction control it will only kick in after x rpm. Thats the case because there are always some differences. Difference in Motor kv, vesc measurements/wizard, Phase wire Length, battery cable Length,…

As you told maybe the pwm settings are different? Adjust one and copy the settings to the other?

But in real life you will not notice a big difference in rpm. Only if something is really fucked up :smiley:

So please test it while Riding and Report back :slight_smile:


alright. will do

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I just edited a pwm Part for you :slight_smile:

I think what your trying to say for the people that don’t understand is.

motors wont spin at at the same time but shouldn’t be noticeable in rides, even if connected in can-bus.

No where near i talked about motors that start up at the same time or not.

I just talked genereally why two identical motors would not spin with the same rpm. Not every aspect is important but good for research or error hunting.

i should edit that, but anyways you get the point, theres no way two motors can spin at the same rpm except if you have some nasa like esc precision

I have this. dual via can, and just the minor difference in belt tightness and debris accumulation will cause one to spin, and much faster before the other, depending.

Did you activate traction control and adjusted the value?

Yep. Off completely, and on with ranges varying from 500-8000erpm. Regardless there’s always some difference in each wheels RPM when bench testing… Unless you really have things dialed in. As someone else said before, all the electrical differences combined with mechanical differences, it all adds up and it’s totally normal for one wheel to spin faster than another… On the bench

Offtopic, I don’t do traction control anymore cause burnouts aren’t as spectacular. /offtopic

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