Split truck angles, wtf are they? and why should I care? and other stuff about trucks

Oh I forgot to add, 3 of my LDPs have crazy riser and wedges with super long screws. Doesn’t feel or look good but function is fine.

Kingpin upgraded to grade 8, this is a good upgrade for LDP if your baseplate doesn’t have it.

RIP silverfish. :frowning:

damn this an awesome chart, nice to have it all in chart instead of searching the web.

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@Alphamail a couple days ago I had no idea who you were, someone in the Reddit longboard discord chat told me to check out your IG and I loved it, however how do u get speed out of a 800kv motor when most of us don’t go over 250

That’s not @Alphamail that’s @MoeStooge 's build and it’s posted here in the forums… Alpha is the man behind Riptide bushings, Moe is a builder and innovator.

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I know urethanes but compared to others on this forum, I do not know shit about electricity…


@squishy654 see that’s what I thought… but I wasn’t sure… do u know the name of the build on here? And @Alphamail I’m loving these WFB’s I’m 215lbs and the 93a/95.5a combo works amazingly

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check this thread: http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/wr-board-build-75mph/53283/97

Its hard to find the randal 35 baseplate in shops with free shipping most of the shops that randall lists online are old and closed

edit: I have 44 cals but the 35 baseplate might be nice

I have 42 gunmetal baseplates which is almost identical to caliber baseplates. Fits the caliber hanger perfect

Here you go: http://www.sk8kings.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=S&Product_Code=SKRAN110

I agree with everything you said…in regards to analog and ek8 except this. RWD Esk8 have shimmys from the rear because of motor torque, whether single or dual, that ends up being amplified by the front.

So making the rear as dead as possible minimizes the effect of these shimmys on the front. The less energy transferred through the board due to stiffness, lower Baseplate angles, or even a higher duro bushings. The less likely these will be amplified by the front to a point that the rider cannot control.

I think you actually experienced this the other day? Or was it someone else? Edit: it was @skatardude10


This seems like the perfect place to ask this question. What do you guys think of my truck setup. The trucks are just HK trucks as I wanted square hangers to make custom mounts easier to install. Now the question is that I have made a slight mistake in the angle that the mounts sit at so they are a little too low to the ground and scrape on certain curbs, so to fix that I have wedged the rear truck up slightly which has fixed the scraping issue. But now I think the angle might be too high for a rear truck as I had to wedge it on the opposite side to what you normally would, so the angle is now something like ~60 degrees. Will this be to high of a degree and the board will be unstable? I have it geared for around 55km/h. If it is, would I be able to get stiffer bushings to fix the issue? Oh and I think the front truck is about 45 degrees.

That might be hard to understand so here is a picture for reference.

Yes that is an eraser, just for mock up I’ve got some rubber I will cut up for the real one

Danger Will Robinson, Danger! :robot:

Like a Porsche out of control but with more haste this will spit you off the road ass end first bro :frowning:

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Well great…

it will be ok if you go slow? :roll_eyes:

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Just turn the board around and run FWD, no shimmys and dewedge the front now rear… Problem solved

Yep! I had this last Friday at 48.7mph, ouch. I can’t dewedge the rear anymore with my current mounts, so I’ve ordered some WFB 95.5A chubs for the rear and 93A barrels for the front. Also, I think flat washers boardside on the front (obviously flat with chubs on back too) will lead to less rebound from the front to minimize wobbles accentuated by rebound.

@pat.speed Oh man, remember when I said you could really screw this up?

Someone had to be the 1st eh? Lol

Thanks for providing a good example of what not to do, very good teachable moment and you’re a good sport. Now turn that wedge into a dewedge before you kill yourself lol…

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@squishy654 @Deckoz do you think if I bought one Randall 35* baseplate for the back and left the front as 44* would that be enough of a difference to make it super stable at speeds.

Subjective question alert…

What’s yer wheelbase? (Measure correctly)

What is the truck hanger width?

Do you wish the overall setup to turn more or less than it already does?

Can you make all the turns on your intended routes?

At what speed if any do you get the wobbles?