Spoke to local police about where to eSk8 (Scotland)

I had the chance to ask a local policeman (Scotland) an ek8 question…

“I ride an electric skateboard, it almost does 30mph, where would you expect me to ride it? and yes I know its technically illegal but I’m going to be riding to and from work soon”

reply was pretty encouraging;

  • technically its a motor vehicle so since its motor powered it should be on the road BUT riding with traffic on main roads not recommended
  • did not feel it was safe riding in traffic “they just won’t be expecting you”
  • happy for me to ride on pavements/sidewalks as long as there are not too many people
  • liked the idea of treating the ek8 like a bike and use it in bus/bike lanes etc.
  • he was much more worried about me being safe than any possible ‘traffic violations’

I did chuckle at his last comment, “now just don’t do anything that would make us have to chase you” words of wisdom if I ever heard them :wink:


scotland sounds like a cool place to be… thanks for sharing!