Spot Welder Advice

Does anyone have experience with this spot welder? Good? Horrible? Thanks.

Watch out for the input voltage, this one is 220V input. You’ll propably need a dedicated circuit to use it (home circuit to your breaker panel)

Actually, i would recommend having a spot welder on it’s own deticated circuit, you don’t want any marrets exploding in your walls

found a 110v variant. I might look into getting a 220v outlet though.

if you do get a 220V outlet, put the biggest warning ever on it.

I’ll put a lock on it if I do :joy:

@link5505 I have this model, or at least a clone of it by Sunkko. It’s hard to tell what’s a clone of what in this area! I have the 110V version and it’s been working well with no issues yet. I’d suggest, if you want to go the route of a cheap spot welder, that you check out the Sunkko model. They’re on ebay and get decent reviews from folks here and on ES. There are a few reviews of it on youtube that help as well.

What is the max thickness you have welded with one?


apparently it’s rated up to 1mm

I think the 220v ones are rated up to .25mm and pull less current. Most dryers use 220v so you should be able to use that instead of adding another line to your breaker.