Spot welder for sale sunko 788h

Sunko 788h spot welder was working fine till it blew a fuse I replaced the fuse same thing happened again. Think it’s a comon fault remember reading from @longhairedboy that someone was buying these up and fixing them,i don’t have the time to pull it apart I just bought another. Payed over a £100 looking to get £50 for it think that’s more than fair. £6 postage royal mail uk

I bought mine on Ebay from a guy in Chicago who allegedly was buying them in bulk from china and replacing certain parts to make them reliable.

I’ve been using it for about a year and i’ve made probably 20 packs on it, some much bigger than others.

I have yet to have any sort of issue other than burning down my welding tips from not getting quite enough contact pressure with the strips on occasion.

One thing I like to do though is set the unit on the edge of the bench to where i can hold the unwelded pack oder the welder’s tips without touching the edge of the bench, then i clamp the welder to the bench so that i can put more pressure on the weld location before hitting the pedal. IT gets much cleaner welds that way and they are stronger too.


That’s brilliant how did I not think of that before!? I end up lifting the thing off the bench trying to get better pressure. Good idea…

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Wish I knew what part it was that needed fixing it is actually a good machine it’s just the reliability issue once that’s fixed will be gtg. That is a good idea to clamp it down will try that with my new one!

That’s where 20lbs weights come into play

All I have is man size weights!!

Oh whaaat @WARMAN just went metric!

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Haha! :wink: 10 characters…metric!


I’m amazed at how inconsistent these machines seems to be. I’ve only done one pack so far on my machine, but it worked except for two small hiccups. I ran it on a 16amp ceramic fuse, even though the “manual” that came with it said that minimum was a 25amp ceramic fuse.

Thanks for that link…like I said don’t have the time to fix it though hense the sale @longhairedboy bought his with the part replaced and has been using it for over a year with no problems and built Mutiple packs! So it does have the potentual to be a reliable machine.

You down to ship to Spain

Pm me your adress and I’ll get a quote for delivery

Hi Warman,

Is this still available?

Thanks Ian

Sorry Ian went a long time ago!

my welder arrives today!!!

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