Spot welder questions / new to making batteries

Ok, so I’m going to build my first ever battery pack… I’ve done a lot of reading and watched a lot of youtube videos so I’m feeling like it will turn out great! I see that 3 different spot welders are used for 10850 cells… the sunkko seems popular but i think it will blow my circuits… so leaves me with the malectrics or the one from aulakiria… I’m a beginner so which one would you guys recommend?? Thanks! Also looking for a BMS for a 10s4p build???


You mean 18650 cells? I’ve used the Sunkko with great results. I have my aulakiria welder but it’s new and not as intuitive as the Sunkko so I’m messed with old cells till i get good welds before I’m ready to build my battery.

kWeld might be the best, I have one on preorder

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I used the @aulakiria boss level spot welder and it was my first time as well building a pack like a week ago

Was it easy to use? Did it come already assembled?

It wasn’t to bad to use. First started practicing with spot welding the nickel strips and then spot welding them together before concidering touching the batteries. Also have to use the correct settings depending on the nickel you get. There’s couple videos that’s helpful on how it runs you can watch.