Sprockets & Chain drive AU

You can also check out a local bearing & power transmissions mob, most will have a catalog and you can pick out what you want but likely you will need to do finish machining so might not be viable for you.

out of curiosity how have people found the durability of the 25 size chain ? I was doing some research the other day and came across the chart that had all the load ratings ect of chains and it sort of indicated that 25 size was not overly strong, yeah might not be pushing huge loads before tractor is the issue but riding close to the ground I think if they are not strong they would be subject to road impacts

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I have used the 25h chains for commuting hundreds of km and have never had a breakage or slip. They use the same chain on pit bikes which put out a lot more power so they are definitely up to the task for our purpose. I also run them fairly slack and wax them to stop load on the motor and minimise friction and mess.

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i was planning on 3D printing a cover for the chain itself so i can enclose it and keep it safe from debree and dust

that would be ideal however i dont have that kind of equipment setup or a workshop i have access to

Honestly the easiest set up I see is getting the standard 14:27 setup of aliexpress and putting on a 10t motor sprocket which gives you 87km/h weighted top speed with 175 wheels. You can get the parts easy and just need to drill a few hole to fit the sprocket to your wheels

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Awesome to hear they have been holding up

Sorry to correct you but Pitbikes eg mini dirt bikes quite often around the 110-160cc range normally use a 420 or 428 chain which is about 8 times stronger then #25 chain from memory. Pocket bikes, like the little 50cc 2 strike mini road bikes may use a #25 chain

wouldnt that put too much strain on the chain itself if you use to low of a ratio though?

No I am happy to be corrected. I thought they were the same thing :grinning:

I use sk3 6374s on 10s and the chains have been bulletproof. I have a lot of hills and can comfortably do 60km if need be without a hassle. They never skip. I guess if you think about it this way - people quite happily use belts which are quite a bit weaker than a 25h chain. I think chains are a step up in strength over belts. But all I can go on is my experience with them. I will leave the hard data to those who know what they are talking about :blush:

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im mostly after chain due to the strength of them and can be repaired over replaced on the spot. chain breaks no problem, carry a few spare lengths and a chain breaker and your good to go. belts need to be replaced, duno which is easier. but i would imagine with a chain you wouldnt even need to take the board apart from it if you have clear access to the sprockets

I’m not sure that replacing chain on the spot would be easier unless you already had some spare chains the correct length and a master link. Even then a belt is probably easier and cleaner.

The benefit of chain drive it that it’s not likely to break so you don’t need spares. It won’t slip under power or braking.

When I said bearing and power transmission mob I was talking about someone like this https://www.bsc.com.au They will have a catalog where you can pick what you want but quite often they will be designed as general purpose so finish machining like the bore size need to be done after purchase and they can be more expensive.

thats fine, i can finish drilling out the final touches myself

I agree the chains don’t break especially if you keep an eye on their wear. I do not however recommend putting a master link in there as I did this initially and had no end of trouble with link catching on the sprocket and coming off. Using the chain breaker and setting the length that way is the best way to go.

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noted ill get a chain breaker instead of a master link thanks the site that was linked above, the guy there is super helpful and is willing to change some parts around in the kits, since i’m looking at getting a few sets from here www.overion.fr they seem reasonably priced for the kit with no headache of having to source each part individually. a cheaper price would be ideal but what your getting here seams reasonable, just depends on shipping now. with the configuration i was looking at Sk8Life3

these are the desired results with my config, these are a little off but about roughly right. Gear Ratio, speed and Sprocket Teeth might end up getting 9/42 for mountain boarding that will give me a 4.66 ratio for good torque and on my daily i would use 10/35 to get my desired speed for a daily ride

Awesome man. You won’t regret going chains. Just make sure you get the right chain for the sprockets so they match up. Can’t wait to see the finished product. :+1:

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the guy supplies the chain also. i think its a ISO6b

during my build process i plan on creating a new thread and showing my progress on both builds. they will be almost identical apart from asthetics

12s8p might even go a 12s10p if i can find a case big enough to fit everything for a top mount, was going to do a custom under mount and cast it out of fibreglass with a 3d printed mold but i think just mounting a waterproof case on top would be easier

so far the only thing we have left to get is the board itself from trampa when they eventually come back in stock… which we have been waiting over 4 months for, cells, remote and the drive train and a case for the battery i’m building.

appreciate all the help guys. i think ill end up getting the chain drive from www.overion.fr

depending on price for shipping. which im hoping isnt going to be a ridiculous amount

Great plan. Yep that is always the way with building your own board it’s a waiting game and costs more than you think but well worth spending the extra and ending up with a reliable board that you can ride the wheels off.

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Defiantly, i love the tinkering and building process. I got a diy wowgo 2s but I find 40kmh to slow, I guess I’m a bit of a speed junky. But I’m not sure how to tell if there will be enough torque which I still wNt a bit of punch

Does any one know where i wiuld get 10 or 12 t spocket with keyway