Sprockets for HYPA Hubs [EU]

I have some hypa hubs and I have been searching for sprockets but only managed to find those for superstar hubs, If none exist I will be forced to buy superstars and spend extra $$

Does anyone make this, or does anyone have a pair of superstars to sell?

Could you drill those sprockets with the new pattern?

I do have some here and if the pattern is the same for MBS I assume this should be good but to be honest, I don’t know


Im done improvising shit, my build gave me so much stress because of that, now Im only buying shit made to fit


I thought he meant spokes :relaxed:

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Hypa and superstar are different bolt patterns, try @Idea

I bought a pack of primo aluminum sprockets for bmx bike and drilled out the holes it works fine for me but I used them on superstars I figured you could still do the same for the hypa hubs still the pitch is half inch if your looking for something else then I would suggest this site https://www.technobotsonline.com/sprockets-and-chain.html. they have several types of chain pitches and sprocket sizes

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I prefer something that is just bolt on, I’m done improvising and making things fit, my build is still suffering from that…

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U can always find someone on this forum that can do the work for u for a decent price. If you can’t do it yourself or dont have the time I’m pretty sure there is someone here

haha, yeah…the reason why I bought superstar hubs instead of hypa. Would also recommend getting in contact with @Idea . Alternatively, I could imagine that a drill template could be made using a 3D printed part. That’s what I was planning on doing, in case my direct drive project fails.

I would buy those by Jens or unikboards, but the gear ratio is not to my liking/can’t get motor sprockets with the correct bore size & tooth count.

I have Iso06 sprockets… direct fit to Hypa AND Flame Hubs… 45€ per pcs

Got also chains and motorpulleys if needet

Sprockets are not listed seperate but you can see them here :


No need for improvising… drilling holes is pretty straight forward… or just send nowind his money, i’m sure he can use it

Who needs money :joy: