Spud Part out Sale

No lie, trying to propose, could use the $ for the ring.

Will trade for: 60T Berg pulleys eBike parts

Shipping rules: I will be using USPS Flatrate boxes. I will get you the smallest box that works. But it will cost the BUYER the shipping cost, and I will cover the cost of the box itself. So buy more of this and get cheaper shipping. The deck+enclosure is the exception as it’ll need to be boxed at the post office for lowest possible rate. This all assumes you live in freedom country. If you don’t, my condolences and I’ll work it out with you per item basis.

The Spud: @ReliantChris

Item __________________________ (Shipped Sell Price [what I paid]) deck, bb enclosure , brackets______ ( $100 + shipping [130] ) SOLD meepo 10s2p (0 cycles) ___________ ($80 [100]) nano___________________________ [$15 [$25] flipsky 4.2 tested but never used,____ ($60 [$100]) GPS unit,______________________ ($15 [$25]) Brackets with x things____________ ($10ea [$10ea)] turnigy 6374,____________________ ($75 [100]) janux mount with dual idler __________($35[$60]) electric flywheels with a unknown pulley ($75[ 90])

Each of the extra pulleys can be had for $22 each + shipped

The flywheels are 90mm and genuine, unchuncked and mostly used on push board. Unfortunately the wheel marked with red x has a core issue such they the bearing has play. Could be fixed with rtv or something akin, but they’re cheap for it $55 shipped (40$ + shipping)

The picture with all the extras is free shit, that esc is broken (drv/mcu) , the hm10 WORKS but I don’t use it at all, clamp is diye (actual scrap). All this is free, assuming you buy something else, otherwise just cover shipping.

IMG_20200128_074804 IMG_20200128_074659 IMG_20200128_073258 IMG_20200128_073221 IMG_20200128_073007 IMG_20200128_072933 IMG_20200128_072919 IMG_20200128_072914 IMG_20200128_072854 IMG_20200128_072835

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