Square section truck hangers versus round?

Planning a rear mount, longboard… More for torque than speed, and on-road urethane wheels, no offroad…

I have seen plenty of pics of rear mount motor rigs, but not found (yet) a build guide for one. But that’s not my real question… it is more whether I should be looking for a square section truck hanger, which might resist motor mount rotating, or are round section truck hangers (like Paris) good enough to resist motor brackets from turning. The reason I ask is that I already have a set of Paris longboard trucks and I’d just as soon use them if they will be adequate.

If you are of the belief that round section trucks are risky (like Paris trucks), which ones would you recommend for a rear motor build?

Remember, I’m an old guy not obsessed with speed. I just want a torquey build to lug me uphill so I can carve/surf my way back down.


Round trucks usually aren’t used because securely mounting motors to them is very difficult. Most of the time you use a square truck with mounts that rotate. Check out Boardnamics really great motor mounts and precision trucks.



Beauty. thanks, mate.

Keep the suggestions coming.


Yeah, everything @JoeyZ5 said.

If you want to use Paris trucks or round truck hangers, I’d weld the mounts on. Otherwise avoid.


Nah. Don’t want to do anything that isn’t really right. I’ll stick with something else then.

Say, is there anything I need to know about mounting the motors in the rear on something like a Calibre truck? IOW, can I use ordinary Calibre mounts and just mount them on the back side?


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yeah if you search around tons of people put them outboard because of deck clearance and long mounts needed for big wheels making them not fit inwards.

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