Stability Options with TB218

@TowerCrisis they look like Cal 7 97mm (pretty much abec clones)


Yup cal 7 clones

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Bless, thank you both for helping me out here :slight_smile:

Good information but Sometimes you do absolutely need risers. Just to avoid wheel bite

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As yeah good point, the two caveats for risers would be wheel bite and ground clearance. Can’t wheel bite be avoided with higher duro bushings?

Sometimes but if you’re running a large wheel like a 107 mm on a traditional Mount board that doesn’t have cutouts for clearance, you pretty much have to have risers. Unless you just want the board to go in straight lines

Yeah that makes sense I’ll make some edits to the post in the morning. I should have generalised this post more instead of purely basing it off my experience

Of course, I just didn’t want someone to get frustrated because they can’t get rid of wheel bite no matter how hard they try

And that’s definitely an issue a beginner would have a lot of trouble with, which this post was largely focused at

Well written tho. It’s important for people to know how much a difference bushings can make

Especially ones that are meant for certain riding conditions and weights and stuff. We are super lucky that we have someone with a wealth of knowledge of bushings providing us with personal recommendations, otherwise some people would be screwed

At some point I think it would be good for someone to do a breakdown of styles of decks and what they are intended for a d what potential limitations Maybe


That’s an awesome idea, I really like these sorts of posts as it helps newbies make informed decisions as there’s so many options, unfortunately I don’t have knowledge to make one about decks