Standarts in hubwheel size

i love the idea of hubmotors as i think most people do but i think hub motors will become a lot more popular in the e-skate world when they have a normed diameter or connection so you can put abec11 and other brand or knock off rubbers on there and do nut have to reley on the home brewed wheels of the manufacturers they ae probalby not worse than a lot of brand clones wheels but i am sure there is a reason why most people after a while tend to buy brand wheels. maybe it would be nice if companys like mellow and others who are using hubmotors would talk to companys like abec11 or orangetang to get some normed wheels produced in different sizes and hardneses that if you have a 63 hubmotor all have the same way of putting tires on and you choose your own preference.

Yea. But the big rubber manufacturers like albadeda who do orangetang want 100 aluminum molds made and given to them minimum to start pouring their rubber. That’s a lot of money.

ok one hundred is a lot. how long does it take to produce a wheel? i mean how many will abec for example sell of their 107mm? maybe this would be a reason for you(hummie) @jacobbloy and maybe mellow have a talk together what would be possible for you. or maybe more for mellow as the rest of you has this as a bit more of a hobby as i understand an do not want to lose to much money in the process. as the e-skateboard scene grows there will be for sure be more interrest of the wheel manufacturer as the 107mm electric flywheels have already proven.

For alabeda to produce a wheel it’s easy and they have a big setup. I think they offered me 3.50$ per wheel after the initial investment in the molds I bet mellow is using some major brand rubber. The rest of us…I pour wheels slloooowly. I don’t what to do bigger wheels because it’s more straining on the motors and I’d rather stay matched to the kegel shape.

i understand the reasoning for your motors but if the wheels would be mor universal there might be also some lower kv motor where bigger wheels would be nice or someone with a low kv motor wants smaller wheels. if you could choose and interchange the wheels it would be more customisable and i would not be so dependent on the individual motor manufacturer to still produce this wheels when i might need them in a.year or so