⭐️Start Group Rides ⭐️ Build your Squad ⭐️

Help the movement and start your group rides!

I posted a poll a little while ago abt How many of your friends e-sk8? If the numbers above are any indication of our hobby…We got some work to do

It’s time we organize. It’s time we share how awesome it is to ride.

Post up an invite here, FACEBOOK, Craigslist etc…Invite other DIYers and owners of pre made boards to ride…It’s a great opportunity to meet other riders and to exchange information, and to see other builds face to face. Also, invite people that don’t have an eboard (if you have an extra board) to ride with you to experience the thrill.

It’s also a great way to share your cool ride spots and discover new ones! Who doesn’t like a little adventure? Meet up with other riders from other cities and even countries.

So, take the initiative…be a diplomat for e-sk8. Show people what you love abt it…Weather it’s the building process of the board or just riding … Share.

Think of what you can do to help spread the word…and DO IT.

:star:Don’t forget, safety should be our #1 concern Helmets are a must :star::star:Take lots of videos and pictures and share them :star::star::star: ENJOY the RIDE


I can 100% agree with you. We have a nice little group of potentially 8 riders. Schedules never allowed to have a full squad ready but we got some tours in in a group of 3-5. And its a thrilling feeling to go for a cruise, stop, eat and drink something and then drive back home. just so much fun.

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That’s right bro … Hope you guys take some vids and pictures … And hope you share those with each other and others as well!

we have some pictures and some video. I’ll disgust with them how to share and what. :slight_smile:

Spell check @michichopf hahaha

fly me out and I’ll join in

Build your crew bro

fly mason out to Vegas GoFundMe incoming

Yeah, we should disgust our last ride … Haha

Fully agreeing with @Michaelinvegas! Riding is great! Riding with friends or in a group is awesome!! Play it safe and share the Stoke!

Discuss not disgust. Hehe

Let’s roll!


at the moment, only 1 esk8r is near where I live :’(

Ok you need to make more friends lol

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My friends are broke :smile:


If we don’t have a squad…we need to stick our necks out a little to make shit happen

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I feel you man…but get out there…fucking stop and talk to people if they say something to you…you know they do…they do it all the time with me…

You get what you put into it

I mean I am just thinking aloud here. But switzerland is pretty central in Europe. I am lucky enough to have 3 different places we could stay, depends how many. So potentially with a big “IF”, we could arange a riding camp of sorts. 1 week or 5 days cruises in Switzerland. I mean i drove regularly to sweden and Danmark for freeride/downhill events. Just thinking out loud here…

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I talked to one guy struggling to climb a hill, but he wants an ebike :frowning:

Yeah man talk out loud … Start the conversation

Lol…must be @devin’s cousin or something lol