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Is there a way to make hub motors??

I keep noticing people with tags under their names, such as @lox897 with the tag “Youngest ESK8 Builder”, or @laurnts with “Hardgaan!”. Is this a moderator thing or is there a way to add this in preferences?

Only moderators can edit this. Maybe @onloop could change the permissions because I think this is a good thing that everyone should have access to.

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I think everyone should put their Porn Name

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Good idea:grinning:

Hi, why is there no button to click for “+ New Topic”? Thanks.

You need to be on the site for 30 minutes before it appears.

Aight. Thanks papa~

Hello, I just signed up for this forum. I am in the process of building my first electric skateboard. I have a 41" Globe Pinner. I swapped the stock trucks for Caliber II 50’s with 1/2" spacers and 83mm Flywheel clones. I ordered a 63mm motor, motor mount, and belt/pulley kit from Enertion. I have a Traxxas Transmitter/Receiver from a previous RC Truck I will be using. I also have 2 - 2S Turnigy Nanotechs and have ordered a third. I will be creating a harness to wire all three in series for 6S power. I have yet to buy an enclosure but I think I will be using a Plano 3600 series waterproof box for batteries, VESC & Receiver. Should give me room for up to 4 - 2S Lipos and VESC/Receiver. I want to use an RC switch to turn power on and off and possibly a volt meter to mount on top to use as a gas gauge. I have questions about creating a wiring harness to tie all 3 Lipos together for balance charging. I want to buy a 6S balance plug and wire so that my charger thinks my 3 - 2S lipo’s are just 1 6S lipo. Also not sure if Enertion X-VESC will accept or have a place to plug in an ON/OFF power switch. I have some pics and a wiring diagram I will try to upload so you can see what I am working with. That’s all for now.

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A real novice newbie here. I got 2x 5000mAh 3S 25C Lipo pack connected in series. How long would this battery last for me? (I have a single motor setup SK3-6364-245kv)

I am looking to get atleast an hour worth of ride time. I don’t care about speed, but distance is more important for me.

I hear that I can get another 2xbattery (as mentioned above). How would that affect my battery time in distance if I connect in 1. Series 2. Parallel.

Any & all help is highly appreciated!!

Thats a pretty small pack. I use 2x 5200mah 6s in series and get 12-16 miles…maybe more if I could go slower… :joy: If you don’t go fast you get more range. longer ride time.

depends on your esc how to set them up.

I think I’ll make a post on my webpage about range. :thinking:

I cant find the +new topic button

[quote=“Habib_Ikram, post:36, topic:215, full:true”] I cant find the +new topic button [/quote]According to my information you need to be logged in for at least 30 min to be allowed to create a topic. Some categories require a higher trust level such as the marketplace.

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why can’t i make a topic?

I’ve been logged in for like 2 hours.

You have to read posts and participate

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hi I’ve recently received my parts to realize that my space cell pro 3 had an xt60 connector and I was wondering which one is better, xt90 or xt60?

@Lucas123 xt90 can handle more current (xt60 = 60 ampere, xt90 = 90 ampere) Be aware that you probably loose warranty when you replace the connector.

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if I use a XT60 will i have a higher chance of damaging my dual vesc setup?

@Lucas123 Under normal conditions a xt60 is sufficient for a dual setup but you might want to use xt90. There are also xt90 plugs with integrated anti spark switch, xt60 plugs don’t feature that.