Starting my build - slowly (UK build Sussex)

beginning to get bits together,

so far i have the 50 degree caliber 2 trucks Kegel Orangatang wheels

just ordered the alienware single motor kit and a 190KV 6365 motor.

no esc or batteries as yet.

going to be making a customer lighting kit at some stage but for now while unpowered have already got it lit up


Are you planning on using lipos or lions or 18650s. You should use a vesc as your esc

slowly coming along

  • board custom build in progress
  • 190KV 2.6KW, 6364 sensor less motor
  • old nicad pack (hence the bad voltage sags) 24V pack

happy to have movement, will be happier when i’m on it moving

as im slowly getting parts together for this build i am now building my own custom deck incorporating led channels

on the top and sides and will have an additional strip on the under side, yes i like my lights :D, it also became apparent very quickly at night i needed to be able to see where the board was in relation to my feet hence the strips sunk into the top. thought id post an update while im waiting for the resin to cure in the side channels



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Sweet man looks awesome. That deck looks pretty thick, how thick exactly?

too thick to be honest but my constraints were the conduit being only one side, so 9mm/18mm/9mm :smiley: lol should be fairly rigid

size sorry not side

Yeah that is pretty thick. It doesn’t really matter how thick it is though cos it looks amazing

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was one of those it just got to be done moments, i now have about three decks in various forms of incompleatness

Hah, love the RGB srip lights makes really nice effects

Channels are now resin filled not a bad result wondering though if clear silicone might have been better


awesome! looks like the plasma injectors powering the board are working correctly :wink:

Looks cool! A little bit too flashy for myself but well done! How The flex? I would love to see how you have gone about opening and closing this baby to reach electronics.

Yeah just need to connect the power conduits to the gravity thrust inverters :wink:

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Ha ha flex :joy: trade off for the light show is extra rigidity. Leds easier to change than you’d think, it’s the conduit that’s resined in but the ends are open so just thread light strips down.

Haha well my first deck was very rigid - I still remember how my feet hurt after 10 minutes ride haha. Where are you planing to put vesc and batteries ? Within the deck?

Under somewhere :smile:


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