Stary remote died HELP? with a personal intro :)

Hi y’all!

first things first, A small introduction hello, I’m Kevin, 26yo, live in the Netherlands/zwolle, studying electrical engeneering and bought recently a staryboard. and thats exactly the problem, apparently the remote died with the last owner. it doesn’t charge and when I solder a new battery in it, it sorta starts up but gets stuck in a bootloop. the parts for this thing are nowhere to find and their helpdesk don’t respond… has anyone here a remote lingering around or an idea to fix this?

greetings! kevin xat

In Switzerland there are stary remotes for sale, super expensive and not worth it, but if they are sold here I’m sure you can find one elsewhere for cheaper. Perhaps search on Alibaba as well.

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well its a starter, on aliexpress or alibaba they’re not loose available, thanks!

Send a message to this seller. They might be willing to sell them for an ok price.

Thanks! i send them yesterday an email, but till so far they expect me to buy the whole board :frowning: so to be continued

What did you tell them? You should have been like: Hey, really interested in being a reseller, what’s your MOQ? Is 500 boards enough for first order? Or something like that… then wait till they reply cause they’ll get interested, continue the conversation a bit longer, and then after like 5 or 6 messages you should have asked them for a sample of the remote (because you just want to see how it fits in the hand :smirk:).

Try something like this with some other sellers / resellers. Good luck :+1:


Hehehe sounds like a devillisch good plan :sunglasses:

Hey all! Still no result and the swiss shop refundedsince they cant deliver, most sites who sell them cant deliver and alibabaguys, (which are actually 2 different ones) won’t send remotes, anyone plz any last resort? :persevere: