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Stary's Hub Motor - Torque test. Quite impressive

Something interesting : TORQUE test on SPEED 3. It’s not the fastest one. Quite impressive I must admit. The fastest is speed 4.

STARY will be selling it’s HUB motors for 199$ which seems like a pretty good deal for DIY community.


wow that is definitely very fast.

Hows the noise level on the inwheel gears. Also how is the gliding once you let go of the throttle?

I am not the owner of the board. I got it from Chinese forum. Right now STARY sent their boards only to a few China mainland backers. I’ll post some more videos that I’ve found later one today.

It doesnt seems to be that fast to me.

I think what I meant to say that wow, even though its a hub motor it doesn’t seem to compromise on stand to motion torque

Another vid here

It is only a single hub motor. Laurnts can you record a video with that HUB you bought from Lofty Ambition ? Would be cool to compare.

I have used friction drive before, also single belt drive and a hub motor. The highest torque output still being hold by belt drive, theres no doubt about it. But hub motor can output nice torque when they at least already started to roll just enough for the VESC to catch up.

And to be honest in the history of eboarding, I don’t dare to accelerate full power on the start. Until now I don’t even run full throttle on hub motor, it’s just too scary.

Here in The Netherlands the weather also pretty shitty, I’ll wait for my gf to record some video hopefully within this week :smiley:

Great. Can’t wait for the videos. !

@appelton it’s a sensored motor right?

I may buy one just to see how it’ll work.
22 volt correct?

Video doesn’t show anything but his feet. Loud <—here

Are you serious?, I wouldn’t use that word to describe what is shown in this video!

The video doesn’t actually have an electric skateboard shown, it shows 1/4 of a remote controller, he could be on a motorbike for all the viewer knows.

This is actually NOTHING! vapourware!

Also, it has been sped up, you can tell this from analysing the cadence of the footsteps of people in background.

the @jacobbloy hub motors have plenty of torque, hard to say from watching a video, but Id take an educated guess that they have a load more torque than the stary motor, even without rear reduction, and make a lot less noise too.

Thanks mate! First real feed back!

Wow. The video does look sped up. It’s obvious. What Chinese forum did you get the video?

And they’re selling motors, just motors. For 200. I’m really curious to see a decent video. I can’t wait for this showdown. Haha. We need the raptor, a tacon 160, boosted, evolve, e-go and these and Jacobs and ones I’m selling. When’s the race?

I talked to that guy and he claims he hasnt done any editing to it. Although I must admit it looks a little bit weird for a few seconds when you see people walking in the background . I got the video from telegram:
There is a lot more there.

Hummie actually it would be nice if you could make a decent video of your Hubs …the only video I saw that you made looked like it was filmed with a potato. :wink: I

I made a video of my first test ride of your hubs.
there were a few issues but they were all VESC related really. the motors are great. I love them and think everyone should have a pair…
like really it makes me a little sad to see people buying other improvised hub motors, when your motors are out there.

I am also following Jacob channel on youtube but I havnt seen any “full throttle” torque tests there. I want to buy my first set of hubs this summer and that’s why I wanna see whats out there. lowGuido - can you post a link to that video with Jacob hubs?

its a really bad video… I gotta say.

but I only had a phone and I was skating. its impossible to see the torque, you kinda gotta take my word, but here it is anayway.

I also tried a single with a 6S hobbyking ESC … because science. seriously, if you don’t know me I have skated just about every combination of drive possible just for comparison purposes.