State of the art coloumb counter?

Totally sorry for the TL:DR but I’m hoping I have enough cred on this board to get away with it :slight_smile:

Has anyone found the perfect battery meter? Ideally a coloumb counter rather than a volt meter. I know a lot of cheap chinese counters are coming out - any of them worth it? Any custom designs I could pick up on?

I’m becoming more and more concerned about range because I’m finding that pneumies significantly reduce range and I had several cells on my pack come un-welded during a ride so I’m not as sure of the integrity of the pack as I used to be.

In a perfect world I want to discharge the pack completely, attach the counter, charge completely and get a single simple number that represents very accurately the state of charge.


Comercial product I can say

But from all I’ve seen, solutions based on Impedance Track from Texas are the most accurate

I recommend watching these 3 videos from them if you are interested

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Duffman uses one from china, I’ve been meaning to try one myself.


Thanks @Cobber, I picked up one of them, will report back here how it works.

Thanks also @Pedrodemio I’ll check out the videos.

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