STEALTH BOMBER 31,5" Custom Deck | 12s2p 26650 Cell | Single Carvon v2.5 | Chaka VESC

Ok. Guys so here I go with my first build ever. Good friend of mine has small manufacture were he is making wakeboards and wakeskates, and I approached him to make me a prototype of a mini cruiser SPUD like style deck.

DECK | The whole deck will be 30,5’ made of Carbon Fiber, Foam, and super stiff Wooden Core. I want to keep the whole deck super stealthy so that it doesn’t look like there is battery compartment underneeth. From the bottom it will more resemble INBOARD deck. I like the curves they have in their deck.

BATTERY COMPARTMENT | Swappable battery design with quick access to all electronics. There’s going to be no screws, only special quick lock, for easy access. Something like in inboard. Battery compartment will fit 10s4p or 12s3p battery, with dual vescs. The battery compartment will be perfect to use SPACE CELL style like batteries.

BATTERY: For my needs, I need a board to ride in Los Angeles. So I opt for LONG RANGE. L.A is crazy enough and in the city the max speed I want to go is 18mph. In more safe areas I’d be happy if I go 22-24mph max. I dont have need for more speed, that’s why I am thinking of 10s4p LG HG2. That will give me around 440 WH PACK, with 80 amps, so I could go 40 amps per motor. The thing is that, I remember that @Hummie and @LEVer were recommending going 12s for their Hub motors as it stresses a lot less the motor and the battery. On the other hand I remember that @jacobbloy was saying that for his hubs unless I want top speed 10s4p is super fine for good range. What do you think guys ??? 10s4p for long range or 12s3p for keeping everything a lot less warm ? Besides that I want the whole battery pack to be exactly like what SPACE CELL’s are. Everything wrapped in plastic, with battery meter, and built in BMS.

The BMS I want for the battery is :

Me myself I am not skilled enough to make the battery pack, so I think I’ll approach @barajabali down the road :wink: I hope he could help me with making this pack.

Here is a closer look at my battery compartment. Everything is super tight there, but it was very difficult to fit huge battery, and two vescs into mini cruiser.

HUB MOTORS: I haven’t really picked my hub motors yet. It all depends how much free cash I’ll have down the road. I really like how @Hummie STEEL HUBS all in black look like and they could be a great match for this board. I also really like what @LEVer did with his 2.5v SINGLE HUB. With lowered kv I could save some money on additional vesc and I could go with his one hub. I saw some build’s here made with his SINGLE HUB and people are getting very good range on it. Since I am all about the range, I think 10s4p with 80amps to the motor could work really well here. I also talked to @Nordle who is riding his single hub with 85kv in ALPS and he says it works really well on hills. So if he is doing well in alps I think I’ll be fine with hills in L.A :wink:

VESCS: To be honest I would love to have dual vescs 6.0 from CHAKA, but who knows when Vedder finish his first beta. I think I might save some money and go now with Single Hub and go with some cheaper alternative 4.12 vesc from DIY, and later I’ll get DUAL 6.0 from Chaka !

REMOTE CONTROLLER: I am torn between these two ones: diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/torqueboards-2-4ghz-mini-remote-controller/


I like the trigger on the first one, and like the thumb trigger on the second one. My question is does any of these remotes has killswitch ?? I mean second button that has to be pressed in oreder to operate with speed like in boosted remote ?

PS. Oh and the good news is …after prototype testing if everything will work well, this board might go into production. There is also a plan to make a bigger 37" design but this will be totally different shape.


awesome! bookmarked, really curious how the board will turn out! :open_mouth: battery is planned to be 4x 10S in 4 rows basically? that would be a cool new layout - there really isnt a need to have cells connected in parallel first, so that could work! :slight_smile:

This sounds like a cool build. I’ll definitely be following it. Can’t wait to see what the deck looks like!

This looks very promising! I’ll keep an eye on this build :slight_smile:

well balancing this thing will be a pain though

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@NAF this looks like a very cool concept.

One comment regarding your battery layout: Really looks like you have optimized this with regards to space. If you go 10s and then parallel with 4 rows using a BMS makes sense. If space is too tight and / or your board get’s too wide you could get rid of the BMS and build your battery in a slightly other way, only 8 cells “wide” and 5 cells “long”. I’m working on a battery layout like that, let me know if you want to know more. No BMS, balancing done during charging.

With regards to motors: think @Hummie dual steel hubz would fit those.

If you really want to go crazy range you could go with single @LEVer hubs (I have not experience with them) and even build a 10s5p battery without BMS, space permitting.

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Guys thank you all for your feedback! I am very excited about this project.

@whitepony - I forgot to mention it, but your mini cruiser was a big inspiration for this build ! :slight_smile:

I think that 10cells in for 4rows might actually work…but first our main focus will be to work on keeping the following size of battery compartment: 185mm width x 425mm height x 26mm depth.

We will see if we can make a core that wont break with this much width. If it will break than we will make the whole compartment less wide so that it could fit 8cells just like @PB1 mentioned.

Small update. My BOMBER deck got 1" bigger. Instead of 30.5" it is going to be 31.5" inches long but it just needed to get a little bit redesigned.

  • Battery : Instead of LG HG2 10s4p pack I went for 26650 5000Mah CELLS in 12s2p configuration. 6 cells in 4 rows. @barajabali is making pack for me. This will be one ** massive 432 WH pack**

  • HUB MOTORS - I’ve decided to use CARVON SINGLE v2.5. for this build. I am expecting to do at around 22miles.

  • VESC - When it comes to vesc I’ll pick @chaka VESC


Great setup! Very interested in the board. :slight_smile:

Hello, I’m wondering if there are any updates to this build. Mostly I’m interested in any and all info regarding the 26650 batteries you swapped in for the build and how they fe holding up. Voltage sag etc…

If its any help, i get up the Santa Monica pier from a dead stop on a single belt drive 149kv @ 12s. Single hub should be alright unless youre trying to get up the hollywood hills neighborhood

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