Stealth fighter: Rusty Evo | LY Evo | 12s5p | Carvon Speeddrive R | 218mm TB front truck | Dual Focbox | 97mm Abec11 Flywheels| custom X-things | Metr Pro

Cool, people asked me a lot of questions regarding my new board. I’ll take the time to talk about it :smile:

Yes, since the end of 2017 I’m also riding a fully beast mode’d-out Trampa powered by @Nowind Etoxx drives. And no, I haven’t made a topic about it, maybe I will… but not now.

The urge to make a new street board came from having to deal with the insane noise my Trampa makes and also from the lack of range it has. So during the (end of) summer of last year I started planning this build. I made a list of criteria:

  • 30+ km range
  • As quiet as possible (FOC)
  • Needs to look as much like a normal longboard
  • 90mm+ wheels (83mm on my old streetboard was to bumpy)
  • Dual drive (belt or hub?)
  • Easily taken into the cinema (go there multiple times a month)
  • Water resistant
  • Plug ‘n play charging
  • Changable profiles

At that time, I didn’t really decided on the exact parts and deck yet. The Trampa worked great and I figured that this would be a great winter project. Order parts and wait for them to arrive in ease and have the board ready to ride when spring would hit.

I was eyeballing those Carvon boards for a while and had some contact with Carvon about the possibility to order the speeddrive separately, but that wasn’t possible.

You’re probably familiar with that special moment. You are in your bed, about to go to sleep but decide to just have a quick surf on the interwebs before doing so? Well I did exactly that, and my sleepy eyes fell on the magic words ‘Carvon v4 Group Buy’. I think I’m one of the only Europeans who joined, because it went live on such an inconvenient time at night. So many people joined so quick, it was full before most people on this side of the ocean noticed it the next morning. Yep, that was one lucky quick interweb surf there.

Around December I think it was, @monkey32 had another groupbuy for focboxes. I got the two in my Trampa from him, so joined his new groupbuy to get another 2 for my new street board.

The two focboxes I got from @monkey32.

Well, fast forward a couple months, January of ’18, the Carvon was supposed to arrive any time now. I had been thinking about the other parts now and decided to go for a LY Evo deck. Achievable speeds with the Speeddrive where going to be high, with 97mm wheels and 12s battery (the recommended parts) the top speed would be about 90 km/h or 55 mph. So the wedged design would be great to combat speed wobbles and provide enough space for the big battery for the long range I wanted as well.

I reached out to @fottaz for an enclosure + battery combi and he supplied me with the necessary parts. Especially the enclosure needed to be perfect this time. The one on my first street board was not water resistant and wasn’t properly fitted to the deck. Alberto’s ABS enclosures come with a nice waterproof gasket, so this was going to be perfect!

Enclosure, battery (12s5p) and built in BMS, on/off switch & battery display from @fottaz

Drooling around the forum the x-things from @akhlut got my attention. When I saw that @Deckoz asked for a special ‘EVO’ engraved version, I knew this was it. After ordering and receiving them I took the time to customize them a little bit and give them some paint. Here the name rusty evo was born. After accidentally scraping off some black paint, the used and worn look really got my attention and I sanded them down again and deliberately scratched them. Leaving only the engraved ‘EVO’ letters and some parts on the side covered black.

How the x-things from @akhlut came in, raw and clean.

After painting

After sanding them again, and some extra layers of clear coat.

Unfortunately, in the meantime, Carvon was having trouble informing their customers about what was going on with the drives. So I had almost everything ready… and was only waiting for the drive. As I ordered 97mm flywheels from Sickboards.

Fast forward a couple months again, to last month, May. Out of the blue Jerry was supposed to be active on the forum through PM. I tried contacting him, with success. He immediately provided me with a tracking number of my speeddrive, which I picked up couple days later at the local post center.

Kuddos for good packaging of the speeddrive @Exiledd_Top!

The Carvon Speeddrive R, 110kv direct drive.

This was also the first time I worked with the Vesc Tool and ran two focboxes in CAN. The option to switch profiles in the app from @rpasichnyk was something on my list. So upgrading to the latest firmware was a must.

Voiding warranties

Testing the drive for the first time

Finally, I was able to put everything together and have version one of the Rusty Evo ready to ride. I got to say, this thing is amazing. It checks all the boxes. The last weeks I easily did 200kms on it. Because of some gps issues with Metr and Android Oreo I got a lot of app crashes and lost some ride data. That’s all fixed now thanks to @rpasichnyk. On average this thing does 7 Wh/km.

The second ride, through the Japanese gardens, you can see the wires still hanging loose (now fixed).

Left: max speed with 97mm wheels on full charge without load. Right: All time stats.

I also tried 107s from @e.board_solutions but on 20% throttle I was already going 30km/h… a little too much. Torque also wasn’t that great, not that it had any problems though… I’m only 60kgs… But switched back to 97mm. Currently using a cruise profile with 80a/-110a motor amps and speed limited to 50km/h. Without limits this thing goes over 100… too much.

107mm flywheels, a little too much

Last week, to match the width of the front truck with the speeddrive, I replaced the DIY TB 180mm front truck with a DIY TB 218mm truck which I ordered in May. To get a bit more control and achieve a more stable ride I drove to Sickboards yesterday and got new bushings. Now rocking 90a Venoms on both the carvon and front truck.

Also planning to get the axles of the 218mm truck shortened a little bit, because I’m running the spacers on the outside now.

Venoms 90a instead of the stock bushings.

Venoms on the back, note how I also gave the screws a worn look.

The board as of today.

More updates will probably follow soon!


Already updating this thing. Just ordered a Metr Pro module.

Mainly for BLE security and the true dual realtime data, nice to have some extra and safer options.


That is insane! Nice build

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Hi Jos, looking great!

How were you even able to connect to the module in the first place? Or do you have an updated module or something



It just worked. I put the module in that I ordered in 2016. Maybe @rpasichnyk knows?

You drove to sickboards? Does that mean I will be seeing this beast drive through The Hague in the near future :smiley:?

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Well I’m located in Utrecht. Although The Hague seems to be within battery range, I would have to do a complete recharge when I arrive there. Took the car there for the bushings :innocent:

I’ll be at the groupride next week Sunday in Leiden, are you also going?

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Looks great!! I’ve been riding my Venom hpf bushings lately. They’re awesome, perfect balance of rebound and lean.

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Interesting I got mine in 2017

Damn that is some mad range! Like 65km :drooling_face:.

No unfortunately I won’t be at the group ride because I haven’t finished my build yet :stuck_out_tongue:

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Dude nice build! Looks great! I bet it rides like a dream. And I love the worn x plates.

And I’m jealous you live close to sickboards , we don’t even have a online skateshop in the US that carries the variety that Hugo does.

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I was curious and did some calculations… range with avg use of 7wh/km now is 90km. So there is a chance I can make it back :stuck_out_tongue:


Upgraded the 97mm green 75a flywheels to 97mm blacks 74a :smile:


Is there any noticeable difference on how they ride?

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slight difference, but not really noticeable. the main difference is the reflex formula which has better rebound so it deals better with gravel and small rocks.


You could say it is a tinybitymore smooth of a ride now. But mainly they just look damn cool.


what truck length would you recommend to go with the carvons for a more aligned look? Looking at Psycho 273mm RKP’s and also the TB 218mm but not sure which would line up better with them

I’m using the 218 with spacers on the outside, looks almost the same.

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What spacers are you using with the TB 218s?

The ones that came with it.