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After much help from this group and another sites my build finally begins (kind of) I am still waiting on my electrical components.

I initially was going use a set of 90mm wheels but they didn’t match my build so I decided to get a set of 83mm wheels that matched my deck. They are flywheel knock offs. I have a set of ceramic bearings that I am going to install in them. For trucks I went with a set of caliber 2. The deck is something I have been eyeballing for a while. It is a Hi5ber all carbon Zenith deck. It is amazing in person.

Once I figure out how to upland pictures I will post a few.

God damn those suckers are strong!

Is carbon fiber easy to drill into?

I used some 3M strong tape… Maybe, I didn’t let it cure long enough but it eventually came off… I since swapped the deck.

The bottom end of the board got mashed up too from the concrete since I kick it up.

Great boards though.

I’m interested in seeing what you come up with :slight_smile:


My goodies so far. Haven’t decided 100% on the enclosure yet. Still trying to iron that out

Gorgeous deck! Look for Torque’s setup as he has an identical (or extremely similar Hi5ber deck) one he built.

You going to do a Badwolf v2 enclosure for your GT2B? What mounts and gears are you planning?

Badwolf v2 enclosure? I have an Enertion mount and motor kit on the way, as well as a vesc and a spacecell.

The BadWolf enclosure is a “hack” you can do to your FlySky GT2B or KobbyKing GT2B (transmitters aka remotes) to put it in a smaller 3D printed enclosure.

I have those same wheels on my current build and I really like the way they feel on the road but they aren’t as precision as flywheels by any stretch. One thing to look out for is that bearings will be hard to press in on one wheel and practically fall out of the next. Of course once they’re bolted on that doesn’t matter. I have heard stories about them being unbalanced, and upon closer inspection i found that i do have an extremely slight wobble in one wheel but it certainly isn’t enough to affect anything.

Of course all of this is why those wheels are like $30 or $40 less than proper ABEC 11 flywheels. But at the end of the day, I’m happy with the clones and they’re a lot less expensive.

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thats good to hear. Hopefully they workout without major issues

DO you have any pictures of your old setup?

This is TorqueBoards build thread.

@torqueboards I noticed on your build that you have flush mount hardware. Did you countersink the deck yourself or did yours come counter sunk? If you did do it yourself did you have any issues with fraying?

Continuing the discussion from Newb single motor build:

Not a huge fan of “hack” describing a simple how-to step by step process. (my own personal issue being an IT guy and everyone “hacking” anything when in reality they are copy/paste someone else who actually knows what they are doing…)

Anywhoo… Some cutting (PCB), soldering, and hot glue - it’s not rocket science and if i can do it…

Here’s my how-to with pics:

I’m also using those wheels on my current (and first ever) build. One of them has the slightest possible wobble but it’s not perceptible when riding the board. (kicking - no esc yet)

One thing I noticed though is that pulleys that are made for real Flywheels don’t quite line up with the spaces in the hubs on these knockoffs. I was able to get three of the six screws from the Enertion pulley into the hub and it looks like I could easily get a fourth screw through if I drilled a new hole into the carbon backing washer on the outside of the wheel.

Otherwise, they are quite a deal for $25.

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Yeah… they had an old style core that was exact to ABEC but I think it wasn’t holding up so they made it thicker.

For ABEC, you would need to use 3 bolts with our style of drive wheels.

sl33py your post called it a How To/ Hack. Maybe it could be called a mod (modification)

just curious how much did you pay for that hi5ber board?? it looks pretty damn sweet (although I perter a kick tail)

About $180-200… It’s nice but IMO… your probably better off buying Enertion’s CF board since the enclosure is built in.

Makes it much easier. I liked it so much I gotta make me one too now :wink: