Steel enclosure insulation

I’m upgrading from a cardboard box under a cruiser to a sheet steel enclosure on a drop deck longboard, how do I keep the components protected from shorts?

I’ve got a yoga mat that hasn’t seen any use I was thinking of lining the enclosure with because it doesn’t appear conductive and it will pad the parts but I want some other opinions on it

Is it worth getting fishpaper or kapton tape since it isn’t a long-term solution? Maybe a few 400mi in a few months before I make something better

Looking at 3/8 neoprene foam sheet and cutting pockets for the parts

It’s a 30"x9" area with a 10s2p 18650 batter sled, unknown BMS, internalised 2a charger, and dual ESC. I’m hoping to stick the heat sinks directly to the steel to keep temperatures down but it feels hella risky

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Gorilla tape base layer, fish paper middle, gorilla tape too, maybe kapton to finish imo

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I used black felt with spray adhesive covering aluminum on a few boards. For a perfect aolution i would go with something not to thermally insulating, maybe painting the steel with plastidip or bedliner, and then gorilla tape for abrasion resistance.

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Steel is heavier, harder to form & less thermally conductive then aluminum, just what you had or…

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I got a 24"x30" sheet on hand and it will have about 0.75" of ground clearance so I needed something durable

The geometry isn’t that complicated, just 2 boxes for the ESC/BMS/charger and a 10s2p sled


Ive made all my best looking enclosures from fiberglass. I made the mistake of going off a curb at slow speed and i bottomed out and my full weight was standing on the enclosure. It protected everything just fine thankfully. I weigh 215-220 lbs.

I’m definitely gonna make a better enclosure (fiberglass or carbon fiber) later but it’s not worth it for this one, especially since free steel

Fingers crossed on getting a Hummie or trying to make a deck myself

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I tried making a deck… if you value your time even slightly just buy one. Homemade decks never turn out great on the first tries it seems.

I’m in it for the experience…it’ll cost more and be worth less but I’ll learn and I’ll be proud of it…I hope

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I can definitely respect that. You fit in on a diy forum very nicely. I love seeing people these deathtraps instead of buying premade parts and assembling it. In the end, the satisfaction makes it really special. If you do make one, tag me! Id love to see it!

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Good chance I don’t get to live that long but will do!

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