Steel motor pulley (15mm) availability [in EU], besides UNIK / ESKATING?

Hi, looking to get, preferably, 14T motor pulley for 8mm size bore.

If no such option is possible, 15T also works good.

Best would be without an over hang.

Why not UNIK / ESKATE? Well, they assortment is good but I need to make this board on cheap side and 15-20eur per motor pulley is a bit on expensive side…

Around 10eur might be fair… otherwise for the limited use aluminium pulleys might work as good

Ya seen alienpower site?

I said nuthin’ they cost 16€+ shippings I bought several. Very nice quality but it was along with many other things. Buying just pulleys will be hella expensive.

Streetwing, beltingonline and RS components are worth a look. There’s another online shop I think it’s the bearing shop or something like that? RS have 6mm centres so if you can bore them to 8mm and use bearing loctite they’re a reasonable deal.

I found beltingonline very good, fully customisable, including ID, keys, number of grubs & high quality steel, factor in about £10 a pulley for custom

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Thanks for replies.

Yeh forgot about streetwing (more costly than eskating and no 14T) and belting online (still have to check).

I tried to look on alienpower but couldnt find them and yeh usually shipping kills the deal.

Anyways, I think I will go just with aluminium ones, maybe grabbing a spare the first time I buy

But Eskating offers them at €9 a pulley!!

The price here is for 2 pulleys, so after all the options you asked for, they come to €18.34 per pulley which is what you want! No?

14T pulley, with 2 grub screws, no overhang, 15mm, costs over 11 eur… then on top of that theres 8eur shipping…

I could get 2 steel sprockets + chain, for around the same cost… so yeh, not as cost effective as I would want

I do like to the variety and the ease of adding necessary features but if I plan to sell the drive kit in future, I need to keep it relatively low cost and if someone wants, can upgrade later… plus, I still need to check gearratio, as who knows, maybe i might try with even 13T pulley

ok ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍