Steez remote issue or Vesc Issue? Please Help!

I’m having a problem with my set up. When I engage the brakes they are working fine, but when I release the brakes It stays engaged sometimes for about 2-10 seconds and sometimes it doesn’t. I have a dual rspec setup, with two Vesc-X vescs, 12s4p battery, and a steetz remote. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

go to app config tab and check the “display” box under the PPM tab.

Connect your remote and bring it up and down and see if the display matches it smoothly, or if it’s doing something else. I’ve seen this happen on the Steez remote before where it’ll act erratic and not match what you’re throttling.

Thanks for the tip. I quickly tested the remote this morning before work and it seemed to function properly in the ppm tab, but I’ll do more extensive testing when I get home.

Thanks for the advice. I did it and found out the remote is sticking slightly sometimes when I hit the brakes. I blew some condensed air at it and greased up the joystick. It seemed to help drastically, but isn’t totally fixed. If I bought a new remote such as the winning remote or a gt2b remote would I need a new receiver?

i don’t think the steez receiver works with other remotes but i could be wrong. I don’t recommend the winning remote because it has a lot of reliability issues. the gt2b is a tried-and-true remote but I haven’t used it myself. the only remote a hundred percent recommend is the benchwheel remote. it’s small light the battery lasts forever and it hasn’t failed me once

I hear mixed reviews on the winning remote. I suppose I ought to play it safe and get the gt2b remote.