Steez Remote Wiring Help

Hi, I am looking to wire up my steez receiver up soon, unfortunately I couldn’t find any instructions in the packaging or anywhere on the internet.

Now my plan is not to just use the remote for throttle/braking, but also to use one of the two buttons on the tip of the steez remote as a switch for my LED strip lighting. So I have two (triple) receiver cables (the brown-red-orange ones), one coming from my master VESC (im running dual carvon v2.5’s) and one coming from my remote on/off switch which I want to use for the lighting.

Here you can see the two sides of my receiver:

My intuition tells me that I need to connect the cables to the 6 pin connector on the front like this: Master VESC black to the upper left (-), red to mid left (+) & orange to lower left (PPM1); Switch black to upper right (-), red to mid right (+) & orange to lower right (PPM2).

Can somebody confirm or refute this? That’s my main qustion.


  • What the heck are all these contacts for?
  • I know how to connect the remote to the receiver, but how is it determined which button is controlling the lighting and do I have to take extra steps to set the remote up to be used as a on/off switch aswell?
  • If you don’t have any time to answer me properly, I would be happy if I could access to the user instructions, should somebody have them.

Would really help me out cause I just couldn’t find any info on this or other sites.

Hey, here you can download the manual:

Thanks man

You are welcome! I have the steez remote as well but still have to finish my electronics first, so you are further than me :blush: When i received the remote and saw the receiver i thought wtf is this? So i searched this manual…