Steeze Remote - Can you turn off the Steeze?

Anyone know if it’s possible to program it to turn off the Steeze? I keep accidentally pressing mine.

If you program it with some cutting pliers, yes.

You can disconnect the button(Pressing stick is an extra button) if you open it up.

I dont think it is software programmable.

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Cool thanks for the tip. I looked in my remote and it looked like there was some extra bit of plastic underneath the arm that presses the button. Cut it off and now it works as it should.

Nice, good to hear it worked.

what exactly is “the steeze” function/button??

A Steeze button is cruise control. You press it and your board basically maintains the same throttle. On the Steeze remote, it’s activated by pressing down on the thumb controller. Good for long rides on open roads. Something I have nothing of around here!

thanks for clarifying. heh–me neither man!