Step up module charging issue please help

so i have a drok step up module connected to a 12v 2 amp power supply and using the module to up it to 50v and 4.5 amps. every time it raches .82 amps the whole module resets itself. please help!!

You need to connect another step up module to your current one, one isn’t enough for 50v and 4.5 amps


it can go up to 60v and 10 amps

Lol. Sorry man, you can’t step up total watts. That would be getting free power. If you step up the voltage you use of some of the amps to do so. You’re probably drawing more current than your power supply can supply.

Also @ARetardedPillow is messing with you because your post shows your lack of understanding about electronics :wink:

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my power supply can do 2 amps and even put it at 1 amp and it still didnt work

You can probably step up the watts if you use extra step-up modules. You might need 3 or 4 though

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i dont have any more step up modules

Haha I was kidding, what you’re trying to do is trying to use a small battery and a module to power a nuclear power plant, it won’t work

You need a power supply thats capable of supplying 60v 5a

got it. this sucks. any ideas where to get a 12s power supply for less than 50

I could loan you some, but they are all currently in-use. I’m selling all the extra power to the neighborhood

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Stop telling him our secrets, we haven’t patented our technology yet

Your power supply can do 12V 2A which means 24 Watts so thats as much as you’ll get out of it

At 50V that’s 0.48A

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thanks but i think i will pass. i will just have to shell out more money for a power supply. damn it

Watts = volts * amps. You can’t get more watts than your power supply can give you. If your power supply can supply 2A at 12V, that’s 24W of power. Theoretically if you stepped that up to 50V, the maximum amps you could draw would be 0.48A. Due to non-perfect efficiency in the step-up transformer you’d normally get less that. The fact that you’re managing to get to 0.82A could mean that your power supply can supply a bit more than its rated amps (but maybe not consistently or reliably, or for very long) or perhaps your current measuring is not accurate.

Also, once again @b264 was messing with you :wink:


anyone have any 12s power supplies they would sell to me or where i can find one

looked at that and the shipping is 60 bucks


Do you have an old computer power supply around? The yellow lines are 12V and can usually do at least 15A. That would get you about 3.5A at 12S (50.4V). Solder the yellow wires together as a bundle (+12V) and then the black wires as a separate bundle (ground)

Do u have a diagram