Sticky goo from griptape

Stated in the title

I was about to cut an already gripped board to redesign it

After that was done I heated the grip and removed it no problem

And then the board is sticky as hell, of course I new this would happen obviously but my old tricks didn’t work.

I have tried soapbath and some recommended oil and let it sit but that didn’t do it either

So what are you guys tips & tricks?

Really need everything if because I’m going to paint it and grip with hexagons!

i had the same problem. I sanded it and got a paint with sealant for the board.

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Gasoline! Cleans everything

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Rub it down with Acetone, let it sit damp for 20 mins or so, wipe off repeat. If that doesn’t work try the Goof-Off gel, same method.

With good griptape, when you heat it the adhesive will ‘deactivate’ and release, leaving for the most part a clean board. A lot of griptape uses a polymer adhesive (don’t ask me what that means, no friggin clue), this is advantageous when the thin grip rips as it allows the grip to stay in place and the glue fills the slit temporarily.

When you get ready to replace the grip, get Black Diamond or Jessup, they are both inexpensive but pretty good.


Don’t do that…the gasoline will be absorbed by the wood and the smell will permeate it forever. Also, if you smoke, BOOM :slight_smile:


Use a can of label remover.


Gasoline can not be lighted by cigarette, I work with it and clean a shit ton of engine parts per day with it almost all of us smoke in the shop and nothing ever happened.

Also I would rather spray myself with gasoline instead of cologne or bruno banani or whatever is “cool” nowadays

Also gasoline will come out in a few days tops it evaporates out


I was kidding about the BOOM. But I can tell you for act that it will always smell like gasoline. Veneered panels are engineered to be porous, so they can soak up the glue.

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Dont really know about the deck materials I just know from experience when I leave a chain or something rusty in gasoline for a few days the gasoline just dissapears :smiley:

Also you might try with nitro degreaser

Thanks a lot @Acido @themegak @JonathanLau1983 I was hoping for something I hand at home or available in the city otherwise I will check it out

@mmaner I only got super strong 99% acetone at home do I need something lighter?

Thanks for the recommendations anyhow

You could try a hair dryer and then put duct tape on it.

Rip it off like a bandaid…it might work…

I love gasoline, it was my favorite toy as a kid…

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you cant do damage to wood with it as i know

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That will be fine, just keep an eye on it as it can eat thought the clear coat as well. I typically just throw more grip on it and go, but if the finish bothers you you can get some spray polyurethane, give it a quick spray from 12in or more and let it cure overnight, then re-grip.

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Lightning stuff on fire is fun!

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Lay paper towel on the deck and pour a little acetone on it, it will help keep it wetted for a few minutes…

My favourite was a soup can half full of gas.

Light it and pick it up by the bottom.

Throw can out in the street.

Nobody called the fire dept or cops back in the 70’s for doing normal kid stuff like that…


I’m going to paint that side as well so I need to get a smooth finish before regripping so the paint stays

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Great then I will have to try

Used paint remover to remove the old graphic and and grip glue…worked but board doesn’t smell great as it soaked up some the toxic shit I’d say