Sticky goo from griptape

Firstly I will try the stuff handball players uses, that shit seem legit

I agree, gaffer tape is exactly what helped in my case, it takes forever but it works :laughing:


Did you just stick and pull?

Yes, and listened to some good music to keep the mood


MEK would do it I used acetone and needed to put in some elbow grease

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Lighter fluid dissolves glue very quickly. Ronsonol lighter fluid works best but charcoal lighter fluid works also. I’ve used it on wood, glass, painted metal, helmets. It doesn’t harm even painted finishes. Use a clean rag soaked with lighter fluid to rub the glue right off. Then wipe surface down with another clean rag.

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Keep in mind for chemistry purposes, like dissolves like.

Use 99% isopropyl alcohol, acetone or mineral spirit.

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I have use several different chemicals at work including alcohol, acetone and MEK. acetone is great for removing oil residue. MEK removes oil and grease better than acetone. They are both hazardous but MEK is more so. Lighter fluid removes glue better than either and is less hazardous to skin and produces less fumes. Alcohol is very weak for cleaning oil, grease or glue.


I’ll try lighter fluid next time, sounds interesting. And I can confirm alcohol doesn’t work at all.

What about windex I use that to get dog shit of my grip tape.

Just did it with acetone and it didnt work, remotes the stickyness but the glue is still there on the surface

:joy: How you manage to get dog shit on your grip tape? Usually I have it on the wheels.

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A mix of ethanol and propanol didnt work either

My pushing foot Touched dogshit and then my reflex was to quickly pull my leg out and then my other reflex was 2 feet on a longboard for balance :joy: Ireland Is like the Dogshit capital Ive never seen so much dog crap in even poor places like Ukraine, poland(not so poor) Lithuania etc

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When you heat it you have to heat the grip tape a good amount before you peel it off. You could try to rub ice on it like you would if you got gum on your clothes.

That only takes glue off windows

You don’t say Mr, Sherlock @banjaxxed Ever hear about a second purpose?

Edit: You mean Its good for nothing but windows? Did you test it or have had experience with cleaning chemicals before?

Acetone is good for removing oil not glue

Lighter fluid removes glue from glass including windshields like magic. I have also used it to remove sticker glue from my helmets and it doesn’t affect the gloss finish at all.