Stiff drop through recommendation

Looking for ideas for a stiff drop through 40-41 inches. Any recommendations would much be appreciated

Rayne Demonseed for the :checkered_flag:

or you can go a Nemesis at 39 inches

My first build was a globe 41" pinner. Drop thru and stiff for sure. I am 225 lbs and the flex is stiff with me on it.

i was actually just looking at that the other day but im looking for something a little wider at the rear foot.

The Makako 40" from Hi5ber is a carbon beauty…

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cha ching!

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Ching $$… ching $$… ching $$…!

That is super fancy but I’m locking for sobering in the 100 dollar range lol

Everyone needs more fiber in their diet. “Carbon Fiber” that is!