Stiff Motor and slight grinding noise

After some light use my torqueboards motor became a little more stiff than usual when I just turn it by hand. It also developed a light grinding noise like there is sand it in. I only rode it on paved roads. This happen to anyone else?

Dirt, sand, maybe a broken magnet. Probably need to pull it apart and see the damage. Can search on this forum. Someone has pulled apart a motor before.

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maybe a small rock, or the shift grinding against the mount

Sometimes, you can see it against light and turn the motor see if anything is obstructing it. Check the bearings possibly, I like to add more bearing oil and everything spins smoother after cleaning everything.

Do I need to take it apprt to do that?

@fuzzyspikes - You can just check it first… If you can’t see anything or notice it then yeah, you may need too.

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You can use a bright light to look inside as best you can. After that you have to take it apart

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