Stiffening and flattening out a Deck - how would it feel?


I’m thinking about screwing two square aluminum tubes (20x20mm) along the full length of the bottom of my deck in order to decrease speed wobbles.

I’m wondering what the effect of tightening the bolts really tight to the mid section, essentially making the board flat except for the nose and tail, would be.

(making the two blue lines aluminum tubes + deck meet.)

a) Would this increase stiffness even more?

b) could the glue between layers of wood/laminate start failing over time?

I know it’s a bit ridiculous just like trying out weird stuff on my board :joy:

Any thoughts are appreciated :+1:

Have a good day

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Welcome to the ESK8 forum @SkateMate. Just how fast are you going that you’re getting speed wobbles? Wouldnt tightening up the trucks help with that?

Around 30kph it gets very noticeable. I tried tightening the front truck by one turn and it did help.

My idea now is to further mitigate the wobbles without making turning too restricted by stiffening up the deck.

I’m relatively new to Skateboards of any kind so I’m unsure what characteristics I would alter stiffening and maybe even flattening out a deck.

Obviously the springy-effect will be gone but is there more? The rotating angle of the trucks might be altered, balancing during acceleration/ deceleration could be better or worse - these are the typ of side effects I image I might be overseeing.



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A stiff deck would help from getting thrown off since flexible decks are a no go when it comes to speeding. If you look up some down hill longboard bombers, this would help you a lot on speed wobbles and some tricks to avoid them. Harder bushings will also help since you do not want very soft ones going fast.

Stiff deck, hard bushings, wheel type and how to handle the force speed wobbles are done with their techniques will all help you from getting speed wobbles. Turning on the deck will unfortunately become limited unless you know some sliding or have the technique down to go with medium bushings and still have the turn needed.

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I will look into some longboard downhill threads then.

Thank you lots!

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angle wedge to lessen turning might also help.

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