Still confused with bms:(

I know that the battery can give out 200 amps but relisticly it will be like 20 amps constant, even though the bms is an 80 amp bms it also has a higher burst rating so it will be fine

So we end up with the 80a bms?also can a get any bms with 80a or just charge 80a?

What VESC lets you pull 160A?

@Kostkolama you just wire it like in the wiring diagram (80A D223 version)

If you want to bypass the discharge and not have a switch you buy the D140 version. You wire it like in the photo, but add another wire from B- to your XT60 connector (like the B+ wire).

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Sounds great:)

I want to thank everyone that helped me understand what’s going on with bms it really helped!!

Why not just bypass discharge and run a charge only bms?

Edit: now i see jlabs suggests it lol

Thats what i am going to do.Or at least try:D

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Please pay attention to get a BMS for lipo not lithium ion. cutoffs are different.

Are you ready for huge power? lol. Guys on endless sphere seem to like these. The plus size cousin of the smart bms that’s starting to get popular here. Different software, so it’s completely different sutff.

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I will never be able to setup something like this

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Correct. But if youre using vesc cutoffs, it doesnt matter what you use. Vesc can cut it before the bms.

Is this bms going to work?

I am aksing because there are not ehough info there

Im saying not saying i know as most of the pros on here, but ive put in my work to know the stuff i know. Starting out, i was the same way you feel. Once i had all the components in hand and could physically see where these connected, it became easy and the “fear” went away. Now, do i still get erky when doing the simplest things (plugging up my battery which is about 9 connections)? Fuck yes lol. But paying attention to what youre doing and taking your time is key

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One of the best answers so far…i really dont know what to answer here xd.

Lol just found the info XDXD

The thing with the power system on diy high power electric skateboards is, you’ve got to understand everything. It’s a huge mountain to climb, but you’ve got to climb if you want to play. At least so you can not cause fire, and repair things when (not if) they break.

Take it step by step and be prepared to have a box full of fried components as you learn. :slight_smile:

Fried conponents sound good but when we talk about electric skateboards its bad so i will be carefull not to burn anything