STL for 15t Motor pulley (10mm bore) anyone?

Hey guys,

Just received my new motor from APS but I noticed they have a 10mm shaft. Before I go ahead and design myself one. Does anybody have a STL for a 15t motor pulley with a 10mm bore, 12-15mm width ?

I know that I’ll replace it in the near future but there are holidays in Germany next week and I just want to have a go at the motor right now.

You can use this to make one pretty easy. I would use as many teeth as you can fit. 16! maybe 20T!

search ebay - I found some on there for cheap

I made a HTD5 15T 12mm from the link @saul provided

Thanks guys :slight_smile: ! I actually made that one yesterday and printed it too.

I’ve used the nut function to secure it on the shaft. I had no time to try it out yet but I think you’ll need to work the shaft to make it fit secure and stop it from rotating. I’ll look at Ebay for alternatives. Meanwhile I’ll try it for science. hehe its 100% infill with PETG.

How did the motor pulley hold up? A lot of people here say not to 3d print the motor pulley as its not strong enough to withstand the vibrations. Curious about your results with it.

Nope :D… Belt and shaft will produce too much heat due to friction and it just melts down… I’ve tried 2 pulleys and just went back to steel/aluminium.

LOL, that second picture looks like something out of Google Deep Dream :smile:


Damn its actually melted lol. Do I have to worry about my wheel pulleys 3D-printed with PLA plastic melting??:sweat:

Ebay has a lot of 10mm pulleys, look on there! I got some and their cheap!