STL for Keys (Keyway-Key) on REQUEST

Hey fam :slight_smile:

I’ve recently been missing a key for my motor shaft and I figured, why not make my own.

I’ve used PETG for the print and it held up riding around 30km now. I’m pretty sure it’ll hold up a whole eBoard life cycle. Its pretty simple to make but I think it’ll save you guys some time.

I’d be happy to make some on request too if you need special measurements.

- Key 3x3x20


Thank you for sharing this design; would you think PLA print will last?

@quietbun might depend how and where you ride, your weight & how powerful your board is?

Nowind breaks the metal ones, so he just uses loctite to glue his gear/pulley on. But he is :smiling_imp:

My plan is to have dual motors with 190kv each + 10s4P ;-). I just print your keyway with a bit shorter in length 15mm, it fit my maytech motor perfectly. I guess that I will use combination of keyway, bolts and loctie :smiley:. Thanks again for sharing it.