[Stockholm-SWE] Mix of esk8 parts from diy evolve bamboo build

I will let each part or all of it go for 1/3 of the original price for each part. You will have to pay for shipping from stockholm sweden to wherever you are.

All parts you see are up for grabs.

Parts: Deck: Evolve Bamboo GT bamboo (with custom 3d printed raiser (one easily 3d printed part missing)). Motors: Racerstar 5065 BRH5065 200KV 6-12S Brushless x2 (one of these is modded for focbox tenka). ESC: Focbox Tenka. BMS: Stock evolve BMS (from gt street bamboo) Trucks: Stock evolve trucks (from gt street bamboo) Wheels: CLOUDWHEEL Discovery 120mm Battery: Custom-built 10s4p (Samsung cells) Remote: 2x 2.4Ghz Remote VX1 for DIY electric skateboard (one with reciver for board) Battery: Custom built 10s4p (samsung cells)

Esc: Evolve bamboo gt ESC disassembled and possibly broken. Remote: Evolve R2 remote (none bt) broken screen but otherwise fully functional. (Can also include a fully broken control so you have extra parts).


Excell link to several parts:

It usually helps to list prices if you plan on selling something.

Why let your potential customers ask about every piece first?

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right. I will let everything go for 1/3 of original price

What do you want for deck motors and tenka esc, cloudwheels and flipsky remote? Live in Sweden btw. :slightly_smiling_face: I now tenka is about 200$ motor like 55$ in new condition. Deck im not sure.

The deck i would value like 1000kr so i would want 300kr. The esc is 200$ as you said so that would be 650kr. The flipsky vx1 remote is 50$so i would want 150kr. The motors are as you say 55$ each so i would want 370kr for both. (One of them is modded for the tenka esc. I could provide parts to mod it back to it’s original form). The is a buyer who wants to pick them up on wednesday so you would have to be quick with these.

The cloudwheels are sold.

Does the other buyer want to buy all? I can’t pick em up so would need to be sent, I’m mostly intrested in deck, vesc, and remote. Does the deck come with the trucks? I’ll buy em if you can send ?


Other buyers are looking for the deck and asi wrote above i would value the deck for 30$ but the trucks would be about 60$. I have people who want the vx1 remote ,no one so far has mentioned the semi functional evolve one.

Hi David,

Are any of the parts left?

I’m interested in the VX1 Remote + ESC if you still have them. (Possibly the deck + related parts if available as well)

I’m located in Stockholm as well :slight_smile:

I still have the esc and remote but i dont have the bluetooth module for the remote

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Interested in tenka vesc. Still available?

Yes it is still here

Messaged you

Hi, which parts are still available?

that would be the esc, gearset and motors

Hi, I’m willing to buy the rest of your parts, please let me know how I can contact you to arrange this, thanks!