Stoked - From Freebord, with love

Pretty stoked how they reacted on my instagram few minutes ago. I’ve been supporting and using a lot of different products cause I just like diversity, creativity and get my ride to reflect my tastes/attitude.

I just leave this here. No sure this is how a company should act towards what they call “ESK8ers”.

I strictly don’t support there attitude which is totally against (from my perception) towards unity and bringing people together.

So yo know what? We are going to make our own bindings :slight_smile:

Note: the info published here is public, so there is no violation of any law or infringement of whatever goes into private conversation


Strange business practice.


Jesus, these guys need a PR-guy, or a brain, or both.


Fixed em:

After you design those superior bindings (foot hookers?), make sure to push them hard on the Freebord crowd. Shouldn’t be too hard to make a design that’s at least lighter and more comfortable. I bet they would be super duper stoked if you could get rid of ALL of those pesky customers. If they don’t have a need for supplying and stocking those annoying “products”, all of their supply problems are solved! :smiley:


I really have huge respect for their company and I was really surprised with how they got in touch with me and their attitude. I can understand that this may create a challenge for their stock inventories but men, this is good business and a way to unite people.

I’m just wondering why they don’t just use this as a marvelous business opportunity. I mean. Freebord Hooks are popular and I just love riding them. All the joint initiatives are always a move forward in our societies and a lot of us would love to support them if needed.

I already got a tested design (3D printed and composite) and rode mine for few months but then I moved to other topics but if people want, we can all work to unite and make this a reality and share the risk & rewards.


Yeah that is a pretty sad attitude for a company to have @okp :clown_face:

Hopefully this was just a rouge comment and will be rectified in time…


At this point I would assume it’s a drunk text until it happens again.

Someone should help them get rid of all those pesky customers that cause so many inconveniences


@okp man freeboard bindings are heavy tho the metal part if that could be made lighter and just the whole binding all round better youd have a beauty of a product id love to support. terrible business by freebord.


I have a freebord and got bindings for my builds too. I can understand that they can’t stock enough for freeborders but i can’t understand why they can’t see the business here. They should increase the production of bindings and promote them in the electric world. Good for our needs and good for their company. They made a HUGE mistake posting those comments and changing attitude. Microplane tools were made for wood but people started using them for cooking because they were great for It. They created a kitchen division and now they sell double. That’s how serious business must be run.


Astounding…A company that doesn’t want to sell more products… What a joke. I’ll make sure to put them on my list of DO NOT BUY FROM vendors.

Talk about shooting yourself in the foot…That’s what happens when you have a company ran by a bunch of clowns:

I imagine these guys sitting at a table: “Hey boys, you know what we should do? Alienate our main customer base!” | rest of the group: “GREAT IDEA!”


I would make sure it’s the real ‘freeboard’ and not a spook account. If it is in fact real…I don’t even know what to say.

I tried to do a group buy for S2 bindings a while back and they would only knock 5 bucks off the price for 20. So, yeah. Won’t be buying from them anymore.

Can’t believe you got treated like that @okp, by a company that was making a profit on us regardless of their inventory issues.


Dumbasses… I have freebord bindings. I do not want to use them now


If i ever start selling 6374 motors “FOR ESK8” and i find out that a few guys are buying them for diy brutal dildos i Will create for sure “the anal destroyer collection” and sell double.


I have a set mounted I really like the concept…the price was a little off putting but I was going to pay the rrp for another set soon, but of course at €70 they can stick them where the sun shines.

You know what there are flaws in their design and I have paper napkin plans to fix those major flaws - You can’t quickly change from regular to goofy. You can’t quickly change the mount height.

@okp hit me up if you want to produce it and especially so if you don’t care who wants them

They should definetly be called foot hookers :joy:


Thanks all for the support. We’re in.


How exactly does our buying these cause “uneven inventory”? Is there someone out there buying individual units rather than pairs, so they always end up with one left over??


Ive been meaning to print some for ages, was worried about putting the design on thingiverse, but judging by their messages they would probably welcome it lol.

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Just buy them unassembled :rofl: cheap as beans.

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Not trying to defend the guy because he definitely could have been more polite about it, but maybe he doesn’t have much respect for eboarders after seeing leiftech copy every single evolution of their gear without giving an ounce of credit where due, and outsourcing their production to China instead of striking a deal with them for decks & wheels & whatnot. And maybe eboarders using their binding really are just not much of a market at the moment. Depends on the margin they take on these parts but I can see how ending with having to reorder a few parts ahead of schedule when the rest of the stock is still in the green would constitute an annoyance. Maybe he doesnt give a shit about money and just enjoyed his life as it used to be. I mean you gotta respect that, right?