STOLEN: Evolve Carbon All Terrain

STOLEN in Santa Monica

Suspect is Asian, about 6 feet tall, heavy accent (possibly english as a second language), lanky and mid to late 20s.

He claimed to be an avid skateboarder and community member but really just an POS.

Please contact me with any info if someone tries to sell you a used Evolve Carbon All Terrain.

It has 8" rubber tires with black wheels. Looks exactly like pictures attached.

There are a few discernible features that I can point out that will show it’s mine.


Did you file police report?

Damn that sucks! How did he steal the board?

Yes, already filed. Thank you for the advice :slight_smile:

He pretended to be scared about how powerful it was. Left his non-powered skateboard and iphone (which turned out to be busted and probably also stolen) almost hit a car then took off across the intersection.

Dumb of me to assume the stuff he set down was real or of any value to him. He took it out of his pockets because he didn’t want to break it when/if he fell. He played the act well and I have sold many items successfully on craigslist without issue or thievery. Always met in well light, high traffic area, etc. If there is a next time it’ll be cash up front before riding. I’ve met up a few times for group rides in the area and they we’re all good people. I’ll have to have my guard up in this hobby too, unfortunately :disappointed:


Lesson learned. Ask for ID.


Dude thats insane, that could have happemed to me just as easily. Im sorry for your loss. I hope you get justice im the end.


Holly shit what an cheeky asshole… Unbelievable. Keep us updated how it goes. If you can’t get the board back then start a gofundme campaign , I will donate a few bucks for a new board.

Every one on this site needs to contact every one they know in and around this place . Any one from ants sisters friends people who work in shops low life’s we do it here in Dublin and 50% of the time we get the stuff back we make the phone calls…

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I do be out looking for fuckers like this low life’s scum … Boils my blood .If i lived near u I would take time off work to find him what I do is work out what way he went and then I look for CCTV on houses and shops I go in and tell 5he owner what went on and what time they might help That way u will get closer to way he went I’ve done this a lot …People are help full don’t for get that


Thanks for the suggestion amd gesture but it was my mistake trusting him, no need to have others pay for it.

Thank you for the advice. The value of the board was over $950 which makes it a felony. The SMPD has been very helpful so far but I’ve also been looking out for it online

@Eboostin oh man I’m really sorry to hear this.

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Wow, what a scammer. I was in L.A. South Bay earlier this year… all type of scams around Hermosa, etc. I was sitting down eating and there were some guys pimping out their relatives who said they had no money to get back to China… they wanted a donation… I said OK… they said they need at least $100…lol… I gave them $5. They had a picture book and a little pamplet about their cause and everything. Did not seem legit at all. Not to laugh, I know it feels really bad what you are going thru right now.

Maybe we have to get a GPS tracker or something… this one below looks like there is no monthly fee…

Yea man, the amount of theft and scams in LA has gotten out of hand. I’ll have to check out that tracker, that would be helpful

I’m so sorry brother, that sucks on a major scale. If you find where he lives give me a call and we’ll give him the cricket treatment. PM for details :slight_smile:.


Is there any cctv on the streets he went up

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We’ll keep an eye out down here!


That sucks. The description almost sound like me! but I’m just heavy, no heavy accent. Were you trying to sell or just offering to put a smile on someone’s face? I always have my GoPro when selling to Craigslist people.

I sold my un-used Acton Blink LITE to @joeadams101 over the weekend and let him ride my Boosted 2. I was hoping he would take off with it, he left me his car.

This story was on the news a while back, hopefully you have some luck.