Stooge Race Wheels

Putting in a small batch order. Capping at 5 diy hub sets. Belt drive hubs for TKP, RKP trucks. If you want multiple wheel sets that’s ok. Wheel sets are made to order. 250.set SRB Race wheels 120mm x 63mm 50a/45a. SRB Street wheels 120mm x 50mm 70a/70a Hubs front and rear w42t htd5m 18mm pulleys 125.set. will be shipping these out in 3-4 weeks.


Pictures might help here because then people could get a better picture of what your selling :sweat_smile:

I know vaguely whats happening here but could you give us some details please. I’m sure these will be sold before you’ve done that but for the future.


Dang these look so much better than abecs to me I love the size,

I’ll probably buy them full price when I get cash.

So it’s 375 for 4 wheels, 4 hubs, 2 pulleys? Are pulleys HTD5M and how wide? How much 1 wheel+hub+pulley weight? And one wheel without pulley? The ID of hub is 8mm, 10mn,12mm?

Nice. You should cross pattern when tightening those wheel nuts.

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Watch again wheel police. Initial tighten was cross patterned. Would also add, rattle gun wheel nuts at you own risk. Final tighten should be done by hand.


Kind of hard to watch it again this way.


How much is a set of 4 wheels with 2 pulleys?

125 + 250 = 375?

Can we get a pic of each of the parts in total?

Yes 375. 4wheels 4hubs 2pulleys Pulleys are hdt5m 18mm wide Weight with pulley/hub/bearings/hardware 590g 20.75oz Without pulley 530g 18.7oz Race wheel by itself 297g 10.47oz Street wheel. 259g 9.12oz Hub takes standard 22mm sk8 bearings with standard 10mm sk8 spacing


Whats the difference between the race and street other than width ? How do these feel on the road compared say a set flywheels ect…?

race: 45A durometer street:70a durometer

Flywheels 107mm: 74a

Oranatang kegels 80a- feel softer than abecs its a measurement that varies hugely


Why would you want one wheel pulley with this system? You’ll be playing with some powerful asymetrics here.

I was watching @MoeStooge video on Instagram a few minutes ago. He is going mainstream now! This is the new frontier guys. New Esk8 wheel technology in the making.


I just wanted the weight without pulley

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1 time sale, or will you sell these regularly? :+1:

How many sets are left?

And, what all trucks will these work with? Trying to understand what all I could do with this. I want a set, just don’t fully understand it (read: I’m a basic bitch)

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Dosen’t look like it’s set up for our 10mm axles.

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