Stopped Buildung: Garage Sale (EU)/all is sold!


Unfortunately because of Work and a bad Shoulder injury I don’t ride or build anymore so some awesome stuff coming up!

Things will be added one after the other on the thread, shipping from Luxembourg (EU)

Nearly finished Board never used and all new (except battery was used before!!! 250€ new APS 6384s motor just great new 90mm enertion wheels new gold caliber trucks an hanger electric board solutions deck 10s3p battery and nano-x

Pulleyset 15€ Left column is used and 9mm 15T Right column 2x new 20Teeth and 2x used 15T

Enertion Wheels 2front 4back 35€ 2x Frontwheels an 2 Backwheels 97mm used and 2xBackwheels 90mm new

Chinacharger 1A? All new 5€

Builders Porn: lots of connector cables, charging Ports, Battery Monitors, Bullet Connectors etc 50€

Maytech Vesc I assume its broken 10€!!sold!!

Complete back Truck/Hangar/Mount/Wheels 20€!!sold!!

enertion Raptor Motors 1Working perfectly others need bearing change I assume( bearings included) 100€

Custom Raptor Build complete ready ro ride 10s3p focbox (think no unity not sure) metr and nano-x, nano-x and charger 450€

Raptor deck and Battery Lid new!! 100€

I will take the raptor deck and lid


happy to buy all there in one go

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Waiting for your response :slight_smile:

Same here waiting for your response, have shipped hanger and vesc yet ?

All is gone!

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