Stormcore 60D phase wire and anti-spark question

Hello, I had a couple of questions that I couldn’t find online. I’m pretty new to eskate so I might just not be querying the right jargon…

I am trying to find phase wire diagrams so I can correctly plug in my motors without having to potentially break anything, but I’m coming up short. I would love to see if anyone could help me with this.

As for anti-spark, Lacroix’s website states that it already has a built in one, so is it necessary to have an additional anti-spark switch (I have one from flipsky laying around) or a loop key? Or is it generally safe enough to just plug my batteries straight into the 60D?

If more information is needed about my build or my thoughts, I will gladly provide more context. Thank you!

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Phase wires don’t matter. You can put them in any order. Swapping two will change the motor direction. Just make sure to run motor detection.

The built in one is great, use the included power button.


Phew, thanks! I was concerned after watching some videos of sensored motors requiring you to plug the phase wires in the right way the first time, they never mentioned why, but I suppose if it’s not going to break my build the first time and I just swap two phase wires then that’s just what I’m going to do I guess.

And great, that’s definitely a huge relief - I’m too used to cheap amazon esc’s. Thank you Joey!

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