Stormcore setup help

Hi there fellas, I m looking to upgrade my trike, I need someone to help me how to wire my current motor hall sensor wires and how to hookup thumb throttle on stormcore. Since wing mods guy gave up on me to help.

Got a picture of your motors & throttle? Specifically the wires.


The picture with diagram is continuity of hall sensor wires on my motor, My question is, I m going to use a controller from my scooter now and also the throttle from my scooter, I have postponed the idea of chucking 500 plus bucks on stormcore100d which is far less superior in terms of output compared to my scooter controller, Now, the hall sensor jst pm style 5 pin connector on my scooter has few wires different in color, Should I just worry about the red and black when pairing my motor hall sensor and controller hall sensor and then can i play with the other 3 wires while working on it???

Yeah, basically correct.

The Black is normally ground, the red normally 5v. The three-colour are normally your hall sensors.

The Other three wires,

They are motor phase wires, any VESC based motor controller can detect motor with these in any position. If the motor spins the wrong way you need to swap two wires or change the direction in the software.

Cannot see a picture of your throttle? is it just three wires? GND, SGN, 5V ?

A little change in plans, The freaking throttle on my scooter is designed around my scooter frame, which means in order to take the throttle off I have to chop the connector end of throttle which I don’t wanna do, So now I will be using this throttle pictured below,

Is it ADC type throttle?

try this: