Stormcore won't turn off. Loop key sparking

Hi, first time builder and can’t seem to get it to work. I programmed and tested everything last week and everything worked fine. When I went to fully assemble everything today my Stormcore won’t shut off. I hold down the power button and it turns off but comes back on a couple seconds later. I also made a loopkey but when I plug it it, it sparks. Also, wondering if it’s normal for a battery meter to always be on.

My build is: 10s4p battery from eboards peru

Stormcore 60D

2 X 6355 torqueboard motors

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No. No. What did you use for a loopkey


A xt90 connector and 10awg wire

Needs to be xt90s. The s stands for sparky shit. It should anyway.

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And people will argue to the death about which one goes where blah blah blah. Use the xt90s female inline with your positive. Why? Because you plug INTO power. Nobody gets the simplicity of this.

Ahh ok

The battery has a xt90s connector and when I plug that directly into the stormcore it still won’t shut off

Well no because there is no switch…

And don’t do that!!! Blow a esc fast

The stormcore comes with an antispark switch

Yea. And it’s broken

I will answer this 2 ways for you. Yes it can always be on depending how you connect it. In most cases it will stay off and you will have a anti-spark switch or loop key after your battery.

So the chain will look like this:

The Goal is you want to have a switch or loop key cut power to the battery meter etc.
So long as you put the black and red wires past the switch or loop key, which are the same.
You should have a proper working battery meter.

You can also put a switch on the battery meter to turn it off but thats not common.
Im sure its been done and still being done though.
Really might depend on preference at that point but now we are steering from the topic.

This should fix your battery meter.

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Pretty sure the stormcore has the same design as the unity for voltage meter connection…