Stormesk8 AT Wheels

Looks like Stormesk8 have been out of stock all year on their webstore and amazon.

Fabi featured them in his most recent video Fabi Video

I need 16 for some upcoming builds Anyone know who has these at a decent price. I am in Shenzhen later this month meeting with factories, if I could pick some up then that would my life so much easier.

Idk, maybe it’s just me and my browser but I can’t open the first link, but this

would be a good reason for me to don’t use them :sweat_smile::joy::grimacing:


Same with my browser

I received one set from them, they are awesome, but we changed tact and looked at the yumcha 6x2 Tubed tires for our group, but issues with wobble, non standard bearings, and significant decline in range make us want to look at the stormesk8 wheels again, again plus they work well with direct drive for our builds. Also looked at the mtb 100, slick revolution. They blow them away. the finish on them isnt great especially after 100km+ but its not all about looks. amazon link (sold out)

Try here:

Look the same, Dani


Nice find, thanks.

Dear, contact with us. We are here

IMO bigger wheels are better than some weird texturing. I can off-road in grass with my TB 110 wheels easily.