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Strange display on my battery

My battery display was loose when it arrived and kept switching from battery life % (100%) to battery Volts and now it’s displaying this what appears to be L3 and switches up and down Levels (L3, L4,L5 etc.) while I ride. Any thoughts on this?

Its the battery meter settings to set what type of cells and how many. Other member who have similar battery meter maybe @torqueboards could help you with it.

@erinbobo Where did you get that pack from?

I got it from enertion with my raptor it’s the space cell.

On the back of most capacity monitors there are two buttons. one monitors voltage when you turn it on while pressing that button. The other goes into the setting menu. That looks like the battery is pushing the buttons so when you turn it on the monitor will change screens. Right now it’s showing the setting for monitoring a 3 cell lipo battery. I think the space cell is 10s so you’ll have to change it to where it shows L A I think. To change the buttons you’ll have to cut open the pack. This is all valid only if it is the capacity monitor I think it is.

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Thanks so much. I’ll check it out and let you know how it goes. That does make sense as the monitor was loose on one side when I got it so it was probably rattling around hitting the buttons on the back. I’ve already opened it once to hot glue the screen to BMS so I probably pushed the button when I was pressing on the back to glue it.

yep… what @Hawkmoon269 said. I have a few of these displays and that’s how they work. I never noticed that the space cell still had the buttons on them though.