Strange VESC braking behaviour / Brakes cutting out then going full insane

So i finished my second built and i have a strange behaviour while braking.

i am using 2 vescs connected via can-bus. 2 ST 6355 190kV motors and i have 10S3P VTC5 battery pack.

Accelerating works fine without problems but when it comes to braking i have a strange behaviour - if i pull the lever back to start braking it all works very good, just the braking force feels very low. then theres a point that i reach - the brakes cut completely out and after 0.5 - 1 second the go full insane mode, at higher speed throwing one off the board. since the last build did not had this behaviour, i think its a vesc setting i am not aware of.

also, are these settings correct for this setup? never had a dual at all.

What is the vescs brand and what is the drive ratio?

I would uncheck “enable traction control” under “multiple ESC over CAN” Not sure if that is the primary issue but that’s my setting and has been working great for me


drive ratio is i think 35:15

@theviith i think this is no traction control problem

Do you have unusually long power wires to the VESC? Or some kind of coil in the wiring? Maybe there are voltage spikes due to induction that trigger maximum voltage and that’s why it won’t brake anymore.

the GND is about 40cm long since its from the battery pack end, is this unusually?

also no coils or else, straight and then splitted up to both esc

NOTE: The problem occurs even with low voltage/empty battery

Drawing 90 amps from that battery sounds a lot.

Don’t beleive you should draw more than 75 continously from that pack, so lowering Batt max to ~37A not to overheat the cells ?

Don’t turn off your vesc and connect it to a pc after this happens and see what error you get in the terminal

the VTC5 are rated at 30 amps cont. so i think this should be fine

@Ishayc this happens every time i brake.

could it be from the pulswidth of the recevier? sometime i heard about this…

according to the mooch’s tests he rated these 25A cont cells. if you say 30 is fine, 30 is fine :slight_smile:

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Connect it to a pc and check the terminal. I bet it can shed some light.

i will try it, how long is the error saved?

Until you turn your vesc off

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Try another remote?

i just have this one… need to get a good one imho. i have this kickz or what it is called idk. looks a bit like the womanizer vibrator.

A mini remote as a baseline may be helpful, sounds weird

found it


no fault codes displayed.

Then it might be the remote as @banjaxxed said.

i lowered the pulsewidth, i will give it a try but it rains here…

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