Strange Vesc? Issue?

Hi guys, I just started having this problem literally out of nowhere. Not sure what is going on, would appreciate some insight. Here’s two youtube videos that show the issue. I will post my VESC settings in a few hours when I open up my board.

I cannot go over a certain speed, probably around 10mph, no matter how far I press the trigger in. I really don’t know what’s going on. The battery was at about 50% when I filmed the videos. I have never had issues like this in the past. My dual TB vescs are on a y-splitter to my receiver. I am running hybrid BLDC and have only ever run in BLDC. I am running through a 60A supower bms wired for discharge, but that has never caused any issues either, even at full acceleration I only pull about 25A per VESC

I am 90% sure the noise comes from both sides, but can’t tell if it’s in the motors or not. They feel perfectly smooth when I rotate them by hand.

I might be wrong, but motors seem to be touching, no?

No they aren’t, but they are pretty close. Just got 218mm trucks so that problem will be fixed. And yeah my mounts look janky but they’ve been working fine for like 4 months already

I can’t stress this enough try rebinding the remote ?

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Huh I honestly didn’t think of that, I will try that.

Did it work ?

What battery do you have? Had the same issue with a bad soldering joint on one of my cells which didn’t allow all the current to flow.

I have 4 Zippy batteries.

Honestly I made a stupid mistake and forgot to plug in one of the balance connectors back into my bms after charging last time lol I’m pretty sure that’s what it was @Exiledd_Top @Ishayc

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Well as long as it’s ok now :slight_smile: