Street Missile | Vanguard 42" Flex 1 | Caliber II’s | Dual 6354 | Dual Hi-Output VESC | 10S Lipo

Hey Everyone!

@RunPlayBack pushed me to share my Vanguard build, so here it is!

I started this build 2 years ago and have learned a ton from it. This board is responsible for destroying many components (2 Flier ESCs, 2 VESCs, original APS mounts) but it is finally at a robust & reliable state.

Top speed = unknown

I start getting nervous at ~30 mph and back off, still has a bunch of torque & throttle remaining though.

I ride some rough pavement at times and fatigued the original stainless steel mounting bolts causing one to break in half. Fun fact, stainless steel fasteners are typically only half the strength of other non-stainless steel fasteners. Replaced the bolts with high-strength alloy steel and covered in silicone to prevent corrosion.

Enclosure is held on with a 2-part silicone. This allows for flex in the deck without placing stress on the enclosure.

dual high output VESCs from @chaka. These things are amazing and really bring the board to life. I have never once had a cut-out (knock on wood).

simple charging setup. Red wire has an anti-spark built in. I like to keep things simple so there are less failure points.

I use a velcro strap to store the remote

BLDC Settings for those that are interested:


After riding it today, I can attest that this board is a BEAST! What motors/mounts do you have on their @Jeff

Motors are here:

Geared down 12/32 so theoretical top speed of around 40 mph.

Mounts are 2-year old Alien Drive System mounts.

Shall I go for another build? Too soon? :smile:


First thing you need to do is unleash the dual hub! I feel like it has so much more potential.

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That grip snake is a nice touch! Looks like you guys where having fun, glad the VESC’s are treating you well!

That’s the same clear plastic box I have! Lol Your board looks good, that box is pretty solid, though mine looks like crap now and it houses my batteries as well.

Haha thanks! Solid and waterproof, those are my only two requirements for an enclosure.

Thanks! The snake was the positive scrap from my carbon fiber build so I figured why not stick it on (it also lets me know which way is forward haha)

yeah I think my VESC settings might be conservative, can you share yours when you get a chance?

Hey RPR, I know you’re in the video business, but I was curious, how long does it take you to edit a video of that length?


Took about a half hour to edit that. I’d say we shot about a half hour of footage all together between all the cameras. I also like to edit and upload the same day to capitalize off the energy/euphoria of the ride. Unless it’s a spec testing video, I shoot everything at 48fps and pick only the interesting moments or cool camera move/angles. I’ll also try to direct a little while we’re skating, like having the riders do S pattern carving, getting into a low stance, full throttle past the camera, etc. With the drone stuff, I fly FPV and do smooth follow moves like a video game. I also have a spotter with me watching the drone through line of sight to ensure that I’m above any trees or obstacles. I’m still experimenting with other cool ways to shoot eboarding. Watching a lot of action movie chase scenes with motorcycles is helpful too :smile:

updated the original post to include my settings. Running in BLDC mode, FW 2.16.

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You are definitely getting it down man! The videos look great. I haven’t seen any other videographers out there who have captured the ride like you do. It actually makes it look fun instead of like some jumbled, rumbling mess. You’re build and videos have me so excited to finish my dual Carvon build. Definitely appreciate the art and inspiration!

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Here is a quick update to the Vanguard build.

Shout-out to @RunPlayBack for help with the custom enclosures. We may have gone a bit overkill on volume but there is a ton of room to pack pretty much anything in them. I think they will protect the motors since they tuck in nicely.

Also thanks to @psychotiller for the motor mount shims. It is amazing how a little piece of aluminum straightens the motor mounts right out.


I friggen hate, HATE, those shims…But I am glad they work :smirk:

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The slight twisting of my alien mounts has frustrated me for the last two years. All it took was those beautiful little shims haha.

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Lookin good! I don’t mind the volume since the enclosures can also double as two serving lasagna trays. :fork_and_knife:


What drive pulleys did you use here?

Upgraded everything to 15mm belts so the system can handle the torque, works awesome.

Drive pulley is from DIY. I 3D printed a ring to help the drive pulley stick out from the wheel so I can utilize the entire width of it. Only using three bolts to reduce the rotating mass, works great.