Street Slayer | Dual 6374 190 Kv | 12s5p | FlipSky 6.6

Hey, the time has come to ditch the old thread and make a proper one. This is my first build at a V.1,4 stage or something. The board was running months ago, but I had an enormous amount of trouble regarding TB Vesc’s. DSC09045 at the moment the board’s setup is this: Slick revolution deck with nose guard, the back end is trimmed. I had to dremel the **** out of the truck mounting sides so they would move freely. Also I made it a drop through deck. Dual TB 6374 190kv motors @ 70a per motor, 40a battery draw, Flipsky 6,6 based vesc, Tb trucks with Caliber base plates, Slick revolution wheels, 14/38 gearing with 15mm belts. My bushings change on a daily basis. 12s5b battery from 25r cells. I’m not running a BMS at the moment but have one incoming. The board has a push to start switch, that sometimes works, and sometimes does not. DSC09054 DSC09059 What I like, the power, the speed, this thing is surreal, coming from a Koowheel, this is an amazing step up. What I don’t like, still fuzzing around the Bluetooth module that I can’t make it work. These wheels are fine on a rough track and they really do give confindence riding on small rocks and so on, but they suck a lot on anything, that is not buterly smooth, it’s basicaly like riding on plastic, for this, I’m thinking of 97mm 76a duro eskating wheels. My enclousure sucks the most, 60 cells take up too much space for this deck, and side tolerances are a joke. ATM I’m looking at a wider/longer deck, and I have some a3 2mm kydex sheets coming for another enclousure. So here’s my ride guys!


nicely done. Its hard to imagine how you got the 60 cells in there without top mounting. how were they laid out? two rows along the deck and double/stagger stacked? the colors blend well together too

this things gorgeous

Cells are 10 in width and 6 in length, I’m utilizing the maximum possible surface area this deck can provide.IMG_20180912_190401


This will be my first search for help. Is the module soldered appropriately? Screenshot_20180916-100554 Screenshot_20180916-100527

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I believe that RX and TX have to be switched on VESC for module to work. EX: Connect the RX port on the BT Module to the TX port on the vesc,

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So the joy did not last long. image DSC09082 I was tideing the board with enclosure left a side and heard a pop. Good thing the other side still works!

IMG_20180923_142636 IMG_20180923_143958 And since one motor is off, I have started the V.2.0 Of the board, one of the things being striping the paint of the motor cans since they don’t hold all that well. Replacing bearings and resoldering new wires, just need to pull out the statorr somehow.

I have some 2mm ABS coming, so I have made a new box for forming it and making a decent enclosure. All other bits and pieces like gromets, bolts, washers and so on are also coming. I should have a new, bigger deck any time soon. The only thing still bugging me are the wheels, I find there duro way too hard. So I have a question regarding them. SR AT wheels come in 110mm diameter, I do like the bigger size wheels and with out dropping a fortune on 107 abecs, my best bet would be 97mm Eskating wheels, that have a 73a duro.

I got really used to going over things safely, would a 13mm smaller wheel take that away?

I run 14/38 - 2.71:1 gearing. It gives a lot torque, and I would like to gear up a bit with those smaller wheels.

I have these options: 16/38 - 2.38:1 wich should leave the top speed about the same and still maintain a good amount of torque.

Or 18/38 - 2.11, wich increases top speed, and should have a much smoother acceleration, but I think 2.11:1 is way too low for 190kv motors?

My concern is not actually acceleration itself, but decalaration going at 40 and letting the trigger off, the board jerks my to the front a bit, and I do find it extremely dangerous. So I think gearing a bit more for speed would reduce that?

BTW the new deck came in as I was writing this post. IMG_20180924_135548 IMG_20180924_135627 It’s a Jet Invasion Transporter deck, coming at 39 long and 10 wide. This will solve all of my issues regarding the enclosure.


I really didn’t mind that SR deck, it felt good flex and concave wise. I think they sell it with 8s4p haha. You managed to squeeze an extra 28 cells on the bottom :grin:

I went from rough stuff wheels to 97mm clones to 97mm evolve stone ground to 7inch pneumatic. Using 107mm superflys now and then are a dream. Next board will have six shooters. Rough stuff were definitely the worst of the lot comfort wise


So the wheels have to go…I had a lot more expectations from them.

Honestly I struggle to see the purpose of them. They are hard as plastic, give you a tiny grip surface on the flats and don’t make much of indifference on grass or anything like that.

Mbs wheels that have been run over a belt sander are way better. Failing that 97 plus bug fat thanes- the difference between real abecs and clones is night and day however.

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IMG_20180926_162333 IMG_20180926_162318 IMG_20180926_162304 Found some free time today and shaped the box for the future enclosure. I really hope this will work, I already have a super smooth enclosure picture in my head.

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Found a spare hour today to work on this board. IMG_20180930_173457 Gave the deck a red, a bit fading coat of paint, and I’m halfway way through rebuilding the first motor. Edit, I’m definitely keeping the Slayer theme going. received_339065256841963


IMG_20181003_173622 IMG_20181003_173421 IMG_20181003_173548 The new enclosure is done, shaping 2mm abs by hand was not fun and tolerances are not perfect, but with a rubber gasket everything should be just fine.


Slowly I’m getting there, I’m way more pleased how the second try to build a board looks atm.IMG_20181008_184334 IMG_20181008_183844 IMG_20181008_183953![IMG_20181009_120517|666x500] (upload://xSbxnN0rYeJRwm1Q4Y97ypJdd9Q.jpeg) IMG_20181009_102045 IMG_20181011_114308 IMG_20181011_114213


That deck is amazing, it’s all looking really clean.

I now consider the enclosure fully done and sealed. IMG_20181018_105121 IMG_20181018_105023 IMG_20181018_104918 I made the end piece from different material or order to be able to switch it in the future, if I decide to change my bullet connectors since I kinda like mt60 ones. Now I only need to finish griping it, sort out the LED lamps wiring, rebuild the second motor and swap my vesc. IMG_20181018_110218


So a new flipskies 6.6 dual is coming, also the mounts from @dickyho, and I’m almost there with the griptape job.IMG_20181020_101945 IMG_20181020_101817


That grip looks killer


A really proud moment for myself, I have rewraped the battery, put a antispark switch and finally installed a bms, I can see a red light, so things have to be good I guess? IMG_20181023_150446 The front lights with new nose guard and new wheels are on, also a ubec is on the way. IMG_20181024_210550 IMG_20181024_210649


Are you getting the long Dickyho mounts? What belt length are you running?